Corona / Covid-19: News and Updates

Dear customer,

after the restrictions and general efforts of phase 1, we are newly on the right way and not only for the Italian territory. Thanks to the understanding, the collaboration and the efforts of the whole community, that really meant a lot, both physically and psychologically, now we have reasons to be happy, that all our labors worth it and are still worth it. Likely, we are not yet completely out of it and there will still be strict compliance with the hygiene and health directives, regulations that we, at, always chase with the utmost care.

We have worked for you during this phase of crisis and therefore managed to remain always operational throughout phase 1, despite the various blocked ZIP codes, red areas not served, the various state level ordinances, regional ones and municipal also, up to some strikes still ongoing.

Thanks to our sophisticate ERP system we have been able to reduce the inconveniences for you to minimum and guarantee a quality cutting edge service.
Through our simple, quick and economic service, remains your reliable partner.
We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and we naturally remain at your complete disposal also in the future - you can trust on us!

Your europacco team