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Collection address

The collection address differs from the billing address:

The billing address MUST CORRESPOND to the address of the private person or company that pays the shipment.

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Billing address

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Delivery address

€ 0,00
  1. base.max_weight

Prices for sending a packet in Russia

With you can not only organize a shipment easily, but you can also ship packages at an economic prices. We organize low cost shipments in Russia. You can find the price for a shipment in Russia in the following table. You can organize a low cost package shipment entering

0 to 2 kg 82,81
5 kg 118,71
10 kg 173,15
20 kg 255,40
30 kg 325,33
40 kg 421,72
50 kg 519,93

Send Parcel from Italy to Russia

  • collection at home
  • estimated delivery time: to working days
  • shipment tracking
  • insurance

Why europacco? offers a customized service, if you want to send a Parcel to Russia. We offer an economical solution for every kind of consignment. Our service includes home or business address collection by an express courier and delivery in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Send a Parcel safe, reliable and fast brings your Parcel safely and quickly to its destination to Russia. Shipping is easy: fill out the online form, print the label and attach it to your shipment – it is now ready for collection. All this is possible without registration and thus makes fast and simple the package delivery.

How can I track my Parcel?

With our tracking option you can monitor your Parcel from the collection to Italy to delivery to Russia. Enter the shipping number on our tracking page.

How much does it cost to send a Parcel to Russia?

Years of experience in the shipping sector and a high daily volume of consignments allow us to offer highly affordable prices. With you can send a Parcel starting from only 144,00 to Russia. For more information that is detailed please see our price list.

How long does it take to send a Parcel to Russia?

The transit times from Italy to Russia vary from 5 to 9 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

Sending parcel in Russia offers a customized service to ship parcels to Russia. Our service includes home delivery with an express courier and delivery to more than 210 countries around the world.

Shipping safe, fast and cheap

Send parcels with is easy, fast and economical. Packages are not only delivered to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also to whole Russia. You should simply fill out the form on, print the sent label and attach it to the package and so the parcel is ready to be shipped. All this works without registration and allows you to ship parcels quickly in a simple way.

Send a parcel to Moscow

No matter if you have to ship a parcel to St. Petersburg, Moscow or elsewhere, the service and costs are always the same. We offer a secure service for sending merchandise, samples or various products for corporate and private reasons. You can also ship excess luggage or souvenirs.

How much does it cost to ship a parcel in Russia?

Years of shipping experience and a large volume of managed packages every day allow us to offer basis rates. With you can send a parcel in Russia already for only 105,00 Euro. The maximum dimensions are 90 * 50 * 50 cm and the maximum allowed weight is 20 kg. For more information, please take a look on our price list.

How do I trace my parcel?

Thanks to a modern shipment tracking system, your shipment will be localized from the pickup up time to the delivery moment. For all this it is enough to insert your tracking number on the dedicated search page.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Russia?

The transit times for Russia vary from 15 to 38 working days. While for Moscow and St. Petersburg metropolises serve 15 to 20 working days, for the rest of Russia there can be calculated up to 38 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

Customs provisions in Russia

For private shipments, you will need to fill in two documents: the form for free export and the commercial invoice respectively the pro forma invoice of the shipment. Forms will be forwarded at the time of order confirmation via mail. Warning: For consignments destined for Russia, customs documents must be completed and applied on each parcel individually.

Directions for commercial transport in Russia

In this case you need an EORI code as well as a commercial invoice in English (4 originals). For exempt duties and customs charges, on the proforma invoice, each price of each item as well as the total price must be accompanied by the \"only for customs clearance\" or \"for custom clearance only\" voice.

There is also a tariff preference scheme of the European Community.
Therefore, there are special provisions and prohibitions for different categories of goods. For example, commercial dispatches of alcohol, foodstuffs, tobacco, batteries, magnets or explosive engines are prohibited. Most hygiene certificates are required for many products.

Russia - the country

The Russian Federation is located in the northeast of Eurasia. For surface reasons it is the largest state in the world. Russia was founded by the Principality of Moscow. Today, Moscow is the capital, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg being other major cities. It is also known for the mythical Trans-Siberian railway with the longest railway line in the world, which from Moscow through Tomsk and Ulan Ude reaches Vladivostok or Beijing.
Did you know that Russia has the largest number of billionaires in the world? To date, there are 74 billion people, 3 more than in New York. In addition, the Russians never shake hands in the doorstep, considering it a bad omen that leads to controversy.

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