Shipping bulky items and big parcels

Shipping massive goods in a simple and convenient way

Both private individuals and small and medium-sized companies sometimes face insoluble problems when it comes to shipping or transporting bulky goods. Objects of a certain size, such as mattresses or washing machines, are not transportable with a traditional car in most situations. Furthermore, the organization of the shipment with the postal services does not only fail because the goods should be brought to a post office, but also because many times, bulky products are not always accepted. Finally, other carriers do not always offer the XXL type of freight service, except at very high prices.

The solution to this problem is The company offers customized transport services to private and business customers.

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

  • collection at home
  • shipment tracking
  • insurance

Shipping bulky goods

Shipping bulky goods with europacco is as simple as shipping surfboards or bicycles. For those who want to ship large quantities, we have conceived a pallet shipping service for all EU countries. If the dimensions or the weight of the package exceed the maximum limits allowed, our Customer Service will be gladly at your complete disposal by e-mail or telephone. pays special attention to the Customer Service and the quality of the service provided. First, we offer the possibility to collect bulky goods also for standard service. Packages will be collected on the desired day directly from the address provided. Subsequently, the goods will be transported in a very short time to the destination, up to the front door. During the transport, the customer can always be informed on the actual status of the shipment through the Shipment Tracking function. In certain cases, and on request, the delivery can even be arranged by a phone notice.

Those who think that such service is not feasible for private customers or small and medium-sized companies, are wrong. Regardless of the different options available, the shipment of bulky goods with remains very convenient. By operating in this way, even the small companies can keep up with the competition or a moving for a private individual will no longer cause trouble for the planned budget.

In addition to the standard options, on request, europacco offers the possibility to opt for additional services. For example, this includes the insurance, which covers any transport damage, or an express service, which also delivers bulky goods worldwide in a very short time. This way, the shipping services can be perfectly appropriate to your needs.


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