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Do you want to ship books with a courier? It's simple: Just go on, fill in the form and pay by credit card or PayPal. The next day or on a desired date, the books will be collected at Your home.

The ideal packaging of the books

However, it is important to pack the books properly, so that they reach their destination intact. If the books move unchecked inside the box, not just the corners could be damaged, but also the pages can be tucked. Therefore, it is necessary to use a box of an optimal size, so that the books are adapted exactly to it and not to move in. It is not easy to find the ideal size, and then the solution is to fill any gap inside the package. Very suitable for this process is the bubble wrap or a simple paper that you have home.
Also, you have to protect the books from the moisture. Wrap the books in a film or put the goods in a plastic bag. This because in the warehouses or during the transport, the package may be subject to moisture and rain.
Our tip: Ask in a library of special material for the book's packaging. Usually, they provide it for free.

The ideal packaging of the books:

  • Obtain a box from the ideal measures;
  • Put the books in plastic bags, film, or a similar substitute to protect them from the moisture;
  • Fill in the blanks with paper or other "filler" material;
  • Seal the package with adhesive tape;
  • Remove the old labels on the box;
  • Attach the transport document and any customs documents.

With you can ship books at low prices. The organization of the transport is easier than ever! Gone are the days when you had to go to the post office and have to wait in order to deliver the package. On You can organize the retreat in a few minutes in a comfortable, right and easy way from home. The shipment will be picked up at Your home or any other alternative address chosen also by You and delivered in 210 countries worldwide. You just have to fill in the online form with the delivery address, the pickup address and possibly, the billing address (only if differ from the address of withdrawal). Additionally, you can choose the date of withdrawal. Immediately, after confirmation and payment of the shipment, You will receive an email with the shipping document to be printed and sticked on the package. We make all the rest!

Send books abroad
Send books abroad
Send books abroad
Send books abroad
Send books abroad
Send books abroad

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