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Over the time, various objects could be accumulated in our house, including also domestic products and appliances. Vacuum cleaners, toasters, microwaves as well as washing machines and washer-dryers represent important assets, which of course you do not want to give up even after moving. Sometimes, unmissable offers could be found in various shops so most of the times you buy a new product and sell the old one. However, there are several cases in which the shipment of an appliance becomes necessary.

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How to send electrical appliances safely?

If the article has already been used, you might no more have the original packaging. The appliance therefore needs to be repacked, so you can guarantee it reaches the destination in perfect conditions and also well-functioning. Regarding the household appliances, there are suggestions that should be respected in order to avoid any damage.

The weight is also essential for the shipment. The maximum weight allowed for goods departing from Italy is of 50 kg per package. Shipments departing from Germany are limited to 20 kg per package. Furthermore, the sum between length, width and height cannot exceed 190 cm. In case the dimensions should be higher, you will have to opt for a pallet shipment.

First, you should observe all the details of the object, since in many cases the appliance can be dismantled by carefully following the instructions for use. In this case, the individual pieces need to be packed diligently in a carton. We suggest paying attention to the electrical connection and cables. If possible, these parts must also be removed before proceeding with the packaging in order to avoid being folded during the transport. However, it is advisable to place the cables in the same carton with the domestic product so to avoid inconveniences during the unpacking of the goods. If your appliance has a real arsenal of sockets and cables, we suggest you take a picture of the tool still in operation. Of course, during the transport the cables can move, but thanks to the documentation you will save your time during the installation.

1. Small household appliance - use the europacco parcel shipment. Choose the appropriate packaging material: an appropriate carton in relation to the size of the article, air bubble polyethylene, solid foam elements or polystyrene chips for the padding, and finally adhesive tape to close the cardboard.

  • Pack your appliance, toaster or microwave, generously with air-bubble polyethylene. If the product is already deteriorated, use some more layers of packaging. Make sure that all the corners or edges are well covered, to avoid any damages. This first layer should already provide good protection for any bumps or scratches. For this reason, even delicate surfaces (such as a microwave touchpad) must be covered in the same way, such as single buttons or supports. Attach the polyethylene on all sides using adhesive tape, to prevent the film from slipping.
  • Insert some filling material into the empty carton, which serves as padding of the product inside the carton and protects from possible knocks or shocks during transport. For the padding, both industrially manufactured polystyrene chips are prepared as well as second-hand solid foam elements. Both products can also be found online or directly in your DIY (do it yourself) store.
  • Place your small appliance in a cubic cardboard box and position it well on the filling material. Fill the empty space with other material to ensure adequate padding and protect the appliance from slipping. If more empty spaces remain, these can also be filled using crumpled paper or other air-bubble polyethylene. By shaking the cardboard box, you can make sure that the tool does not slip and that the board remains stable. Only after this test is it advisable to close the cardboard with adhesive tape horizontally and vertically. You can certainly also use a second-hand cardboard, if not already broken. In this case all old labels are to be removed. If necessary, the carton can be rewound with paper. The important thing is that, at the end, on your neck there is only a label, that of your shipment, in order to avoid misunderstanding during transport.

2. Large household appliance – Use the europacco pallet shipment. For large domestic appliances such as washing machines, ovens, scrubbers or freezers, transport and even packaging are much more demanding, but still manageable. In any case, shipments of this type can be organized as pallets, to make transport safer and to safeguard the integrity of your goods. To pack a product of this size you need additional material to the classic air-bubble polyethylene, polystyrene or solid foam elements. For large household appliance, very stable cartons and possibly entire polystyrene tops are recommended. In addition, you need material to fix such as holds, which ensure the integrity of the product on the pallet. As a base you need a classic Europal pallet or a single-use pallet, available at any DIY (do it yourself) center or online.

  • Before packing your appliance, such as a washing machine, make sure that no liquid is found inside the appliance. We advise you to check this already during the general cleaning phase.
    Warning: refrigerators or freezers contain cooling means, which cannot be derived. Do not exchange these components with the coolant, which has the function of cooling the hot parts such as the engines. The substances inside the refrigerator, on the other hand, represent cooling means, gases such as propane or butane, which are liquefied under pressure. If before or during transport you notice that your fridge loses "liquid", in the plurality of cases it is condensation water, which comes out automatically during defrosting. Do not worry about the operation of your refrigerator, but simply remove this water before packing.
  • Place the large household appliance centrally on your pallet. Make sure that the product is placed on a flat surface - if something moves, put small cardboard elements underneath, to ensure that your washing machine no longer slides onto the pallet. If they are not removable, fasten pipes and cables directly to the tool. Doing so prevents these from being bent or even damaged during transport.
  • Apply solid foam and polystyrene elements to the corners and edges of the appliance, to also safeguard these parts during shipment. Since, in the case of large household appliance, you have not used air-bubble polyethylene as a first layer so far, use an adhesive tape to apply the protectors on the corners, as this is easily removable from the surface of your goods.
  • Now we will spoke about the packing of the personal tool. For this phase, we recommend you to use air-bubble polyethylene in a generous way and wrap your washing machine best you can. Pay attention that the film does not protrude anywhere, so as not to get caught during transport.
  • If your tool is completely wrapped, then it’s useful. Suitable regiments or bands can be purchased in the do-it-yourself centers. With the help of these products, the package can be ell fixed on the pallet. Take advantage of the individual props of the pallet to fix and pull the holds. Check the stability of the tool on each side and ensure limited space. If necessary, you can wrap your package in a further layer of cardboard and fix everything once again on the pallet. However, you should pay attention not to protrude anywhere on the pallet surface, as these parts can be crushed during transport.
  • As last step, the label should be applied on the surface of the shipment, in a way that is clearly visible to the transport company.

Following these packing and shipping tips, your appliance, toaster or microwave with parcel shipment, or your large household appliance as washing machine with the europacco pallet-type shipment, will reach their new home and will be protected from damage during transport.


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