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The Italian courier Bartolini, specialized in the transport of goods, was founded in 1928 in Bologna. In 2000 20% of the company’s shares were acquired by the Italian Post Office; five years later the contract was not renewed and the company, in 2011, changed the name from Bartolini to BRT. The company employs about 866 people and has an annual turnover of 1,025 million euro (2012); BRT is best known for the express transport service, offering delivery of parcels throughout the national territory through trucks. In Italy there are over 180 branches, while for international shipments the company has an extensive network of partners: hallmark of the company are the red trucks. In 2001, the company has transported about 80 million parcels and closed the year with an annual turnover of 927 million euro, approximately 22.4% of the market. Nine years later, the transport of packages has increased to 125 million packages per year.

Parcel transport with Bartolini

BRT offers a wide range of services: transportation of letters, parcels and pallets, both by private and companies, without weight limitations. The company has many branches in the whole country and therefore ensure the withdrawal of goods within one business day: several branches of BRT are present in larger cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin. The company offers not only the home collection and delivery directly to the recipient in Italy, but also deliveries abroad, relying on different partners.

Express shipment with FedEx

FedEx is an American company founded in 1971 in Little Rock by a former student of Yale University, Frederick W. Smith. The company was the first to set up the delivery of packets through modern jets: in fact, during the first night of deliveries, the 389 employees carried well 186 packages in 25 different cities in the US using a dozen Dassault Falcon jets. In 1989, FedEx acquired the cargo airline US Flying Tiger (so coming into possession of the first such aircraft), while nine years later acquired the transport company Caliber System, Robert Express and Viking Freight and shipping company Freightways.

In 1983, Federal Express has reached turnover of $ 1 billion, becoming the first company in US history to achieve a similar result without having carried out a merger or acquisition of other companies. Two years later, he began to make the first flights into Europe.

The air fleet was completely renewed when the European company Airbus did not respect the delivery of ten A380F aircraft: the entrusted order was summarily canceled and handed over to US rival Boeing, which respected the set deadlines and delivered punctually fifteen Boeing 777F.

In 2008, FedEx was ranked seventh in Forbes magazine among the preferred employers by US employees. In 2016, FedEx acquired the TNT Expresscompetitor for 4.4 billion euro.

The reliable transport of packages with FedEx

FedEx has approximately 21,200 employees serving 127 countries and flying through 45 different airports. The starting point is located in Memphis, while the most important ports in Europe are located in Cologne / Bonn, Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and London(Stansted).

The company, which started its long history with 14 Dassault Falcon, currently owns one of the largest fleets in the world; FedEx in 2015 boasted approximately 636 aircraft, including:

  • 68 Airbus A300F
  • 15 Airbus A310-200F / -300F
  • 25 ATR 42 F
  • 20 ATR 72 F
  • 107 Boeing 757-200F
  • 29 Boeing 767-300F
  • 27 Boeing 777F
  • 243 Cessna 208B
  • 46 McDonnell Douglas MD-10
  • 56 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Curiosity about FedEx

The film "Cast Away", produced in 2000 and starring Tom Hanks, tells the true story of an FedEx employee shipwrecked on a small tropical island after a plane crash, living for a long period of time as a hermit.

The FedEx logo is considered as among the most accurate and have been designed in such way that between the letter E and X is outlining the contour of a white arrow, as to give the idea of movement and speed.

Send parcels with GLS

The success story of the GLS companies (short for General Logistic System) began in 1999 with the acquisition of the German Parcel Paket-Logistik GmbH, with the intention to establish a European carrier by centralized management. CEO and Managing Director, Rico Back, is the main shareholder of the company and managed to make GLS, through its subsidiaries, the main association of cooperation for shipments to Europe.

The subsidiary German Parcel, founded in 1989 through the 25 medium-sized shippers cooperation and headquartered in Neuenstein, has grown exponentially over time and already ten years later appeared among the largest companies in the German market of shipments. In 2002, it was acquired by the British group Royal Mail and renamed.

The company has grown exponentially over time and already ten years later appeared among the largest companies in the German market of shipments. In 2002 German Parcel was acquired by Royal Mail and renamed GLS: nowadays the shipper has a national network consisting of 5,000 parcel acceptance points.

The company GLS

Currently GLS has annual sales of about 2.1 billion euro, with a volume of shipments totaled to 436 million packages per year, more than 14,000 employees and about 220,000 customers. The transportation company is represented in 41 countries; it has 39 hubs and 688 depots, having a fleet of 19,000 vehicles.

The GLS courier is mainly present in the following European countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

The reliable transport of packages with GLS

Via the GLS courier, you can request the delivery of goods also at unusual times like 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, as well as on Saturday: these shipments are handled by GLS but delivered by companies affiliated to the carrier.
For business customers are also provided payment services with cash and Exchange Service(a delivery with simultaneous withdrawal of goods and/or documents at the same address). This service is especially useful if the recipient receives defective goods: the courier will not only deliver a new parcel but also will collect the goods defective.

UPS - United Parcel Service

UPS (abbreviation for United Parcel Service of America) is a company operating in the global transport sector. When in the early '900 in America prevailed the need for messaging services through private couriers, the nineteen-year-old James E. Casey took the occasion and with $ 100 borrowed from a friend founded the company on 28th of August 1907 in Seattle. Initially called American Messenger Company (and only from 1919 the current name) the company managed the operations of shipments from Headquarters located in a basement, performing on demand telephone deliveries of documents and packages, using only bicycles for longer journeys. James E. Casey and his partner Claude Ryan handled for a long time in their office located in the basement.

When in 1976 was opened the first European subsidiary in Neuss, Germany, the United States UPS boasted about 80,000 employees, with daily deliveries of more than three million packages. Beginning with November 1999 the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with a net profit for the first year of 27.05 billion dollars. Over time UPS has significantly extended its services, noting about 40 companies and becoming a leader in both in the area of vehicle for the transport of goods, that in the shipping industry and customs clearance packages: all this allows the company to offer a range of services which goes far beyond transportation.

Ship packages with UPS

The distinguishing feature of UPS companies are the brown vans. The company holds different vehicles, beginning with the gray trailer trucks up to get to small scooters for express deliveries; in some urban centers are even used bicycles. In some parts of the world, there are also used real boats for the delivery of parcels, such as in Venice.

UPS currently has about 435,000 employees, of which 354,000 work in the United States and 81,000 in the rest of the world. The company's turnover in 2014 amounted to 48.8 billion dollars, with a number of deliveries of parcels and documents amounted to 4.6 billion. The volume of daily business amounted to 18 million shipments.

UPS distinctive signs

The brown color is continuously present in the UPS company and is its hallmark. However it was not always so: in the early years the company had painted his vans with very bright and flashy colors to differentiate themselves from other carriers.

Send with DPD - Europacco

DPD company was founded in 1977 in Germany under the name of Deutscher Paket Dienst. The same abbreviation stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution in English. DPD is a property of Geopost, subsidiary of the French bank La Poste. The company is specialized in shipping small packages with reduced weight and dimensions. With more than 500 deposits in 40 different countries, DPD has more than 75,000 employees worldwide.

In Italy, the service is entirely managed by Bartolini. On the BRT site there are presented the characteristics of the parcels that can be sent through the DPD service. The packages can have a maximum weight of 31.50kg each and the length must not exceed 175cm. The perimeter of the smaller base of the package, added to the height must not exceed 300cm. On a daily basis, more than 2 000 000 packages are delivered worldwide via DPD.

Unlike other forwarders, DPD does not offer cash on delivery services, deliveries at mail boxes or at fairs. The service instead guarantees the shipment of suitcases at competitive prices for which many private customers turn to DPD for the transport of luggage rather than embarking the goods on air at a much higher price.

The collection and delivery take place at home and finding the suitcases in the hotel when you arrive on vacation is convenient. Especially for this reason, DPD remains one of the first preferences for private customers who decide to send small packages and suitcases for the holidays.

Export USA

Export USA New York, Corp. is a corporation engaged in the internationalization of Italian enterprises specialized on the US market.

We occupy ourselves with export consultation with headquarters in New York - United States and offices in Italy, ad Rimini, in order to support Italian enterprises on-site, too.

Our consulting corporation offers all type of services Italian enterprises may need to operate in the United States: from foundation, over logistics, accounting, legal and tax consultancy, to iteration to get the correct work permit and to guaranty of compliance to standards when importing food into the States.

Interacting with only one partner, able to organize everything you may need on the American market, you will save time, avoid errors and most important avoid coordinating different suppliers.

All your work and projects will be executed by our staff: we are no "group of associated professionals" who switch each time in an uncoordinated and accidental manner.

Every project is handled by the personnel of ExportUSA according to clear rules and implemented routines, tested and improved in time. It is always the same experienced personnel, working on a constant base on United States export and sales issues. From an organizational point of view, ExportUSA personnel is coordinated centrally, in order to use run-in procedures able to guarantee constant and high-leveled results. Proper offices in the United States and properly employed personnel assure the seriousness and effort of ExportUsa in working in the United States, our SOLE reference market.

Address of our office in Rimini:

Export USA New York, Corp.
Corso D'Augusto, 136 - 47921; Rimini [RN] ;
tel: (+39) 0541-709073

Logo Export USA

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