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Collection address

The collection address differs from the billing address:

The billing address MUST CORRESPOND to the address of the private person or company that pays the shipment.

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Billing address

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Delivery address

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Information about parcel shipping
  1. Weight max. = 50kg

If you have hurry on documents shipment, use shipment

It doesn’t matter if is the bachelor thesis, important business documents which need to be sent abroad, or personally signed original documents – not everything can be handled digitally today. Really important documents need to be available in hardcopy. Thus, the following applies: original documents need to be sent to the recipient in a secure way and within brief time. has developed a shipment model adapted to your personal needs.

What can be shipped?

All type of documents can be sent. Business customers and privates may both benefit from a secure and economic way of shipping. However, even though every document may be shipped, many carriers limit the document shipment to a maximum of 2 kg and 40*40*3 cm format.

How do I prepare the shipment? offers a fast processing of the shipping procedure. Pick-up of your parcels from home lowers your effort to a minimum one. As a customer, you may choose your pick-up date and just need to take care of packaging. Then your documents will be collected easily from your home or office.

How does the document shipment work?

  • Insert your shipment in an easy way and without registration on
  • After confirmation of the shipment, you get your shipping label via e-mail. This has to be fixed on the parcel.
  • As over wrap, recommends to use an envelope (DINA4 format), which prevents folding of your papers.
  • Apply to your parcel the label that was sent to you; it contains the national or international shipment address.
  • The parcel will be picked up directly at your home.
  • Via tracking you can follow in any moment the transit of your documents.

Insurance and customs – advantages and disadvantages

A disadvantage when shipping documents is that they may not be covered by insurance. In exchange, documents do not need any customs clearance. Thus, if you need to send your documents outside the borders of the European Union, they do not pass customs control.

Economic, secure and fast

The document shipment by offers an ideal alternative to the classic transport of bills and receipts. Thanks to the professional network of your business documents may be delivered to Berlin, New York or Hong Kong within 24 hours. Thus, using the document shipment of your original documentation reach destination within very brief time and low effort for the customer. Moreover, a communication confirms delivery of your documents to the recipient.

Therefore, if your documents are in a hurry to be sent in a secure and fast way – then might be the best solution.

What our customers say is an online portal from Bolzano that offers package pickups both at home and at a company, and deliveries all over the world. By working with the best courier and transport companies.