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Why it is advantageous to ship documents with europacco?

It doesn't matter if is the bachelor thesis, important business documents which need to be sent abroad, or personally signed original documents - not everything can be handled digitally today.

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How to send documents

Private individuals or companies: the many reasons behind sending documents

A Christmas card, a dissertation to be delivered, a driving licence to be sent abroad, but also business documents for a customer in another country. There are many reasons why private individuals and companies are looking for a fast, efficient and secure shipping service. Thanks to europacco, sending documents is no longer a problem. A professional service is waiting for you, which allows you to arrange for the collection of the envelope at the address provided. The delivery service will also be fast and reliable. All this at highly competitive prices. Remember that europacco offers the opportunity to send contracts, passports, driving licenses, cards and other paper documents worldwide.

The limits of social networks in sending documents

Over the years, social networks (from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and Telegram) have become a major part of our daily lives. Social networks have simplified the way in which we manage our contacts and communications. This has happened both in private and corporate relationships. Through these channels, it is possible to disseminate any information instantly. Yet, there are several cases in which these tools prove ineffective. It is not possible to use this convenient option when the object of the mailing is the original of official documents. An example of this? The passport. The issue is even more tangible when it comes to companies. Many small businesses that sell goods or services via an e-shop have to deal with various costs on a daily basis. In the first few months of operation, trying to save even a few cents in sending a document can be essential to be able to continue the adventure that has begun. But even people who want to send their correspondence to family members living abroad and opt for a paper letter in exchange for a cold text message or social networking message would like to be sure that the envelope is actually delivered to the recipient. And saving money is a priority here too. This is where a service such as europacco comes into play, offering pallet, parcel and document shipping services at economical prices while relying on well-known couriers.

The advantages of shipping with europacco

Our experience in the shipping field and our relationship with couriers that need no introduction will allow you to benefit from an excellent service at an affordable price. You can confirm your order without leaving home, directly from your PC.

Thanks to europacco, you will also benefit from:

  • a convenient tracking service
  • full freedom to choose your collection date
  • secure payment methods such as credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

The only thing you need to bear in mind in order to speed up the delivery process is to check that the envelopes are the right size and weight. Also because, since we are dealing with documents, there is a risk of using packaging that is too large for its contents. It often happens that the customer chooses a box instead of a padded envelope, which, among other things, would provide more effective protection than a cardboard box. But the main reason why people should check weight and dimensions before sending is the existence of limitations linked to couriers. Couriers are prepared to accept envelopes containing documents no larger than 40x40x3 cm. As regards weight, the maximum limit allowed is 2 kg. And the cost of shipping, in the vast majority of cases, is linked precisely to size and weight. Europacco has provided four different weight ranges for this purpose:

  • 0 to 500 grams
  • 500 grams to 1 kg
  • 1 kg to 1.5 kg
  • 1.5 kg to 2 kg

The four-step system also applies to shipments outside Italy. However, there is a further subdivision regarding the countries to be delivered. Europacco divides countries into three different zones (Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3). The price of the shipment is therefore also influenced by the fact that the shipment belongs to one country rather than another. Sending documents to non-EU countries is also subject to this division (into weight bands and zones). For businesses that are involved in commercial activities, knowing what types of parcels or envelopes are available makes it possible to organize the entire mailing process in an even more streamlined way. And this, in turn, translates into time and money savings.

How europacco organizes document shipments

What is europacco's procedure for ensuring that licenses, contracts and other paper documents reach their destination quickly and in perfect condition? The essential steps are as follows

  • selecting the document option on the site
  • confirming your order
  • applying the label you received by e-mail to the envelope
  • tracking your shipment via the tracking function

The different steps in detail

Once you have reached the europacco home page, all you have to do is choose in the appropriate field the "departure country", the "destination country", the type of shipment "Document" (among the ones displayed), then indicate the weight (in kg). Based on the countries indicated and the weight, the estimated cost of the shipment will appear in the space below. You will then be invited to click on "send now". In the table displayed on the next page, in addition to confirming the weight, you will be able to specify the length, width and height of the envelope containing the documents to be sent. If you wish, you can add a second document (indicating size and weight). If you click on "apply and enter shipping data", a further page will open. This is where you enter the data for the collection address (choose between "private", "company" and "PuntoPacco"). You will also have to select the date for collection and the delivery address (again choosing between "private" and "company"). Upon confirmation, the procedure will be completed by

  • entering your billing information
  • order summary
  • payment

One aspect that is particularly appreciated by our customers is the fact that they can proceed with their shipments (whether parcels, documents or pallets) without having to register.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will immediately receive an e-mail with the shipping label, which you can print out and attach to the envelope. Regarding packaging, we suggest you use a stamped or cardboard envelope, specially designed for "document" type shipments. If you choose the "DINA4" format, you will avoid unsightly creases during the journey.

Paying for your order

As far as the method of payment is concerned, by trusting europacco you can make the online transaction by credit card, prepaid card (Postepay, for example) or PayPal. If you choose to pay by credit card, you must provide the number, month, year of expiry and the CCV2 security code (on the back of the card).

Printing of the waybill or transport document

Once you have received the order confirmation email, as mentioned a few lines ago, you must print the attached waybill, place it in a plastic bag (to protect it from humidity) and attach it to the bag.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the collection will take place at the specified address and on the date requested. If you have not indicated a pick-up date, it will be automatically arranged for the carrier to collect the car on the first available working day.


To track your shipment, simply enter the shipment reference in the "shipment search" field. This will open a page containing information on this service and, above all, a field in which to enter the shipment number provided on order confirmation. This number can also be found on the waybill, or alternatively in the subject line of the e-mail you receive to confirm your order.

You will be able to find out the exact location of your shipment from the moment it is collected until it is delivered.
The recipient also has the opportunity, via tracking, to find out the expected delivery date so that he can be at home or advise someone to accept the shipment on his behalf.

More on envelope size and weight

Previously, we indicated certain characteristics of the companies that actually do the shipping, i.e. the couriers. We would like to remind you of them again: 40x40x3cm as dimensions and 2kg as weight are the limits allowed for document shipments.

Delivery times with europacco

It is very easy to get information about your shipment via europacco. On the home page of the website you only need to enter the country of collection and delivery, declare the weight of the shipment and on the same page you can view the estimated transit time. Any variations in the indicated timeframe may be linked almost exclusively to the pick-up and delivery locations in the case of locations that are not served daily. For example, for the islands and for certain areas in southern Italy, the time required may be longer. Normally, europacco delivers documents within 1/2 working days.

Insurance and Customs

Europacco allows its customers to insure goods up to a maximum of €1,500 per shipment. Currently, this service is not available for shipments containing documents. However, if you intend to have documents sent outside the European Union, you can rest assured that your shipment will not be subject to any customs controls and therefore no customs documentation will have to accompany your shipment. Please note: the contents of the shipment will be checked in any case and, if there are no documents inside the envelope, the shipment will not be able to continue to its destination.

How to pack documents correctly?

Having the most suitable packaging available is an absolute priority for anyone whose goal is to provide maximum protection for the contents of a shipment. Contracts and other original documents need the highest level of protection to avoid any risk.

Padded envelopes

The first option that comes to mind when discussing document shipping is the padded envelope. It is true that documents are not necessarily fragile objects but opting for an envelope with bubble wrap inside is the solution that can offer adequate protection against moisture. On the market it is possible to buy envelopes with bubble wrap of different weights and sizes. Made from low-density polyethylene, bubble wrap is appreciated as a very light and flexible packaging material. It also offers excellent thermal insulation, protecting the contents from sudden changes in temperature. A material like paper is very sensitive to both temperature changes and humidity.

Cylindrical tube

When it comes to paper documents, the classic cylindrical tube is not the most suitable choice. This is because, when placed in a van or stored in a warehouse, they tend to roll, become less manageable and consequently cause problems. But there is another reason why it is not recommended: it cannot be inserted into automated sorting systems.

Containers with a square (or rectangular) base

Compared to tubes, containers with a square (or rectangular) base are much better suited to shipping paper material. They provide a high level of protection for any large, flexible documents such as drawings or blueprints.

Couriers selected by europacco

In order to guarantee timely deliveries in Italy and Europe, europacco has paid particular attention to the choice of couriers, selecting the best currently available on the market. For all document shipments, whether national or international, once the envelope has been entrusted to the courier, it will arrive directly to the recipient. The shipment will not pass through the europacco goods sorting center in Bolzano, which further ensures a very short transit time for the shipment.

europacco's choice of courier is aimed at providing customers with the best possible service. In this sense, europacco's choice has fallen on DHL Express, which guarantees an excellent shipping service and very short transit times. A delivery attempt will be guaranteed, and should the customer need to arrange a second delivery attempt following the first unsuccessful one, this will be possible.

Why is it preferable to send with an online service?

For a long time, the post office was seen as the main, if not the only, point of reference for sending documents. For years, this meant that you had to wait in long queues at the post office and had to decide which type of delivery method to use (ordinary, priority, registered or insured). Moreover, in order to proceed with the mailing, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form (for registered and insured mail), pay and collect the receipt. The result? The inevitable loss of precious time.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the greater reliability of an online shipping service compared to the traditional postal service. Various surveys indicate that more than 7% (at least these are the figures for 2008) of packages sent out fail to reach their destination.

Having a partner that is an expert in shipping such as europacco is the best way to send your driving license, a contract or any other paper document with maximum security. With our online shipping service, your files will be delivered in a sealed envelope not only to Italy, but also to Europe and the rest of the world. You will be surprised by our prices, which can be clearly displayed before shipping, combined with an impeccable service guaranteed by the best forwarding agents on the market.


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