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Shipping a carpet

Those who already tried to ship bulky items, such as a carpet, know how difficult shipping can become. It all starts with transporting the carpet through the stairwell to your car - certainly the easiest part of the shipping process. Have you already thought, if your carpet will have enough place in your car? Sometimes, entire hours are needed to fix and attach the own bedside rug on the car, and then proceeding at a snail’s pace to the destination, all to prevent the precious piece from flying away from the car. In many cases, removals fail because of these hitches.
However, there is an alternative! Those who want to save time and keep their nerves can send a rolled carpet easily. Europacco picks up your carpet directly from your own front door on the desired date and transports it comfortably and easily to the desired destination.

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

  • collection at home
  • shipment tracking
  • insurance

International shipment

Even international shipments destinated all over Europe or even worldwide are possible. This way, moving abroad will no longer be a problem. Thanks to the practical europacco Shipping Tracking, you will also have the possibility to know where your carpet is in each moment.

If you want to send a special carpet, is worth insuring it. This is certainly advisable for expensive items such as Persian carpets or silk rugs. In these cases, it is very important to pay attention on the packaging of the object. Our customer service will gladly assist you with any questions. With you can easily insure your shipment up to a maximum value of € 1.500, to be covered in rare cases of damage or loss. Although unlikely, this way you have the security of being covered.

Of course, our customer service is at your complete disposal even if the carpet shipped exceeds the maximum dimensions allowed and seen on our website. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail at [email protected] so to receive a personalized offer to your request. We are happy to give you a hand!

Many times, we hear speaking about the shipment of a carpet on one side being convenient, but on the other one, you should wait for weeks to get the object to the destination. But this is not the case of an europacco shipment! Our carpet shipping is fast and convenient. Even for an international shipment, you will not have to wait any longer to get your rug to be delivered to your new home. This of course, is of fundamental importance, if you want to have the carpet in a very short time at your new home. Companies appreciate too the fast shipping of europacco, as time is money in the world of commerce.


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