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Why is it advantageous to ship with europacco?

With you can easily ship large items such as washing machines, tyres, furniture or bulky packages with fast and secure shipping. Simply opt for a pallet-type shipment and fill in the online form. The maximum permitted dimensions vary depending on the shipment route. In the case of domestic shipments, the pallet may not exceed a base of 120*120cm and a height of 180cm. If, on the other hand, the pallet is to be shipped abroad, to one of the European countries, the maximum dimensions that can be handled are 150*150*200cm as long as the sum of the three sides does not exceed 400cm. The maximum permitted weight per pallet, regardless of whether it is a national or international shipment, is 700kg per pallet.

By choosing us, you will have the opportunity to send pallets of the allowed dimensions as per the maximums displayed on the site. However, if your pallet exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight allowed, contact Customer Services by e-mail to request a customized quotation. You only need to indicate the following data:

Shipping Pallet from Italy

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a pallet shipments you will have:

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What objects can be sent with the europacco pallet service

What is a pallet?

The term "pallet" is used to define the platform made of wood, plastic or other material, raised and on which packaged goods can be stacked. Normally, pallets are used for the storage and handling of heavy or very bulky materials. In practice, this type of shipment is used when it is not possible to ship goods packed in a simple cardboard box.

Do you need to ship large items, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, furniture, bicycles, tires, sports equipment or other items that are difficult to handle? Or do you want a series of large packages to reach their destination quickly and without risk? Contact europacco and you'll find the solution that suits you. Our offer is aimed both at companies used to handling goods in large quantities and at private individuals. Thanks to our pallet shipping service, you'll have the opportunity to send what you want in an economic way all over the world.

Shipment of large objects abroad

With europacco it is possible to ship furniture, sofas, bicycles, washing machines or dishwashers, refrigerators, tires, motorcycle parts, engines, auto parts, wheels, sports equipment, bicycles, skis, snowboard and many other large objects that are difficult to handle. All these items can be shipped online in a simple way with It is enough to insert on our site the pickup and the delivery address, pay by credit card or PayPal and pack the items correctly. The next day or another desired day, the pallet will be collected directly from home or from another address indicated at the time of the order confirmation and delivered to the recipient.

If the pallet exceeds the allowed dimensions, you will need to request a personalized quotation by contacting our customer service directly by e-mail. It will be sufficient to indicate the dimensions of the pallet and the weight, the pickup and the delivery address and you will receive a price quotation on the same day.

Type of goods to be shipped and preliminary packaging

How to ship a pallet containing furniture?

People who are planning to move abroad for work reasons or students about to move to other cities to continue their studies, have in the pallets the best solution to safely ship the necessary furniture. But how should the furniture be prepared for shipment? The first thing to do is to place the bulkiest items (tables, sofas, armchairs or closets) on the pallet, also in this case using a strap (alternatively a rope will do, as long as it is strong). It will prevent the furniture from slipping. In the presence of very large pieces of furniture, it is better to disassemble them before placing them on the pallet. Another good idea would be to use bubble wrap to pack each piece of furniture individually, in all its parts; by sacrificing additional time, scratches (or damage) to the surface will be saved. It is advisable to use additional foam elements or cardboard and other packing materials. For the smaller elements of the furniture, we suggest the shipment of the parcel type. The latter, in fact, lends itself very well to cardboard boxes whose dimensions, adding up the three sides of the packed goods, do not exceed the maximum dimensions displayed on the site. Also, the declared weight must respect the chosen range, as well as the maximum allowed weight reported online.

Suitcases to send? The europacco solution

Are you already organizing your next vacation? Do you have to go on a business trip or has a friend left a suitcase to be collected from outside Italy? In this case, in order to organize the shipment on a pallet, you will be asked to wrap the luggage in nylon film or cardboard. We suggest to put the suitcase in an upright position, fixing the film or the cardboard with adhesive tape. Remember to insert inside a transparent plastic envelope the waybill or DDT, applying it on the surface of the baggage to be shipped. As anticipated, there is a valid alternative to the film: a container (ideal would be a cardboard box) of slightly larger size than the suitcase or the same size. In case there should remain some free spaces, it is better to fill them with bubble wrap or, in its absence, with simple rolled up paper. After having sealed the opening with adhesive tape, proceed as indicated a few lines ago regarding the waybill/DDT.

Packing and Shipping Tires on a Pallet: Best Practices for Safety and Efficiency

A tire company or a person who needs to send a set of tires to a relative or a friend: two events that are not as rare as you might think. Strapping is also the protagonist here, but the tires should be previously wrapped in foil. It is also possible to forgo the pallet, packing the tires individually with cellophane or placing them in special black bags. If you find the idea of using bags appealing, the parcel option will satisfy you completely. And the 190 cm limit for the sum of the sides will allow you to pack the tires individually or, in some cases where the tires are small, in pairs. Given the two possible routes (pallet or package), how should you proceed with the packaging? Arrange the tires on the pallet, placing them one on top of the other and secure them with straps or rope, packing everything with film. If the choice will fall on our package option, we suggest packing them individually or in pairs using cardboard, cellophane, nylon film or black bags.

Shipping a Bicycle on a Pallet: A Comprehensive Guide

In recent times, many people have discovered that they have a great passion for bicycles. And it may happen that some are looking for an optimal option to ship the two-wheeled vehicle from one city to another. Before doing so, it is a priority to assess the size and value of the bike owned. The pallet, for example, is suitable for models of medium category that can be dismantled into large parts. We suggest you first of all to disassemble handlebars, pedals, wheels and frame, wrapping each component with bubble wrap and cardboard. Cellophane or strapping will then allow you to secure the individual pieces. Do not forget the small accessories usually present in the bike, such as baskets, locks and pumps (if you usually train with this, means also computer and water bottle), disassembling and packing them one by one. When the model to be shipped is easily decomposable into small parts, why not choose the package type shipping? If the bike you own is professional, and the presence of not indifferent technical elements does not allow the organization of the package type shipment (and makes it risky or difficult to disassemble), shipping it in its entirety would be the perfect option. It will be up to you, turning to europacco, to decide whether to choose between pallets, medium-sized cartons or professional cartons. Regardless of the decision made, classic packing materials such as bubble wrap, cardboard and more will be available to help you in the packing phase. Once again, we would like to remind you that the transport document will have to be applied at sight.


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Pallet shipping cost

Pallet Pallet Italy Italy Germany Germany Austria Austria Netherlands Netherlands France France
0 - 50 kg from 59,90 from 145,33 from 145,33 from 151,07 from 163,47
50 - 100 kg from 67,10 from 172,15 from 167,12 from 174,32 from 178,97
100 - 200 kg from 109,80 from 227,55 from 227,55 from 226,23 from 243,68
200 - 300 kg from 129,90 from 268,11 from 268,11 from 325,09 from 335,52
300 - 400 kg from 169,90 from 322,78 from 322,78 from 387,49 from 413,89
400 - 500 kg from 214,90 from 352,60 from 352,60 from 417,42 from 443,82
500 - 600 kg from 289,90 from 375,82 from 375,82 from 447,35 from 473,75
600 - 700 kg from 289,90 from 412,57 from 412,57 from 477,28 from 503,68

What types of pallets does the market offer?

A first distinction, within pallets, is the one dividing platforms into:

  • disposable pallets
  • reusable pallets

Disposable pallets represent the most economical solution and, once the transport is over, they are expected to remain with the recipient. This is why they are the preferred option for private shippers. Multipurpose pallets, on the other hand, are appreciated for their stability and the fact that they can be used several times. They are also distinguished by the adoption of standardized measures (from the aforementioned Europallets to World-pallets).


Europallets can be defined as pallets with specific measurements and certain characteristics established directly by European standards. What makes them easily recognizable is the presence of the "EPAL" quality mark. To be part of the category to which they belong, they must be made of solid wood, treated according to the IPPC protocol. They present 5 laths, have dimensions equal to 800x1200mm the base and a thickness of 144mm, and are required to ensure a maximum capacity of 4000 kg static, and 1500 kg dynamic. When is it recommended to use Europallets? For example:

  • for exchange between companies of "returnable" pallets
  • for storage to be carried out on high shelving
  • when the respect of standard measures is required in shipments or storage
  • for goods to be exported

Inka pallet

What are the peculiar characteristics of this type? The use of pressed wood chips. Just the presence of chips allows to benefit from several advantages compared to the common wooden models:

  • the weight is lower
  • they are stackable
  • they cannot be attacked by pests
  • the closed bottom ensures greater protection for the goods
  • they are recyclable and biodegradable

What materials are pallets made of? Alternatives

Wooden pallets are still the most frequently used to store, handle or ship goods. Their sturdiness and the possibility of being forked by forklifts on all sides make them particularly suitable for handling. Intercontinental shipments can therefore be organized on pallets made of wood treated in accordance with the aforementioned IPPC regulations. In this way, companies looking for an effective solution for shipping pallets containing foodstuffs have a valid option. Even placed in direct contact with the wood, the food will not risk being contaminated. Wood treated in a drying chamber can also be used when goods are to be stored in warehouses with a high level of humidity.

High Density Wood Fibers B4B
This is an innovative type, which is based on high-density pressed wood fibers (DHF for short). This processing allows the pallets to withstand high loads. Generally speaking, when compared to other pallets of the same size, they can support up to 5 kg more. But this is not the only advantage. The following factors have contributed to their popularity:

  • they do not risk damage from splinters or nails
  • they are more resistant to moisture
  • they are stackable
  • they adopt a solid platform, guaranteeing stability and safety for goods

If cardboard pallets are comparable to wooden ones in terms of sturdiness and capacity, they have certain characteristics that make them preferable. They are completely biodegradable (with consequent greater ease of disposal) and ensure great manageability due to their lightness. The corrugated cardboard pallets, completed with paraffin-embossed feet, have no problem withstanding loads of up to 2500 kg. They are stackable, enjoy high hygienic standards (proving excellent for food shipments), and do not require any preliminary treatment in the case of shipments to countries requiring certificates of conformity. Finally, the closed bottom and the stability provided by the use of paraffin-embossed feet make them an option not to be underestimated for sending and handling fragile goods.

Those who have to manage the storage or transportation of goods and are forced to do so under extreme conditions can rely on plastic pallets. But what do we mean by extreme conditions? For example, the presence in warehouses or holds of a high percentage of moisture, or handling operations intended to "stress" the pallet. And plastic is also useful for shipments to countries willing to accept wooden pallets only if they are treated.
The strengths of plastic pallets are as follows:

  • resistant to atmospheric agents
  • hygienic material that can be washed
  • does not require treatment
  • stackable
  • 100% recyclable

Dimensions of pallets with europacco
With you can easily ship large items such as washing machines, tyres, furniture or bulky packages with fast and secure shipping. Simply opt for a pallet-type shipment and fill in the online form. The maximum permitted dimensions vary depending on the shipment route. In the case of domestic shipments, the pallet may not exceed a base of 120*120cm and a height of 180cm. If, on the other hand, the pallet is to be shipped abroad, to one of the European countries, the maximum dimensions that can be handled are 150*150*200cm as long as the sum of the three sides does not exceed 400cm. The maximum permitted weight per pallet, regardless of whether it is a national or international shipment, is 700kg per pallet.

By choosing us, you will have the opportunity to send pallets of the allowed dimensions as per the maximums displayed on the site. However, if your pallet exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight allowed, contact Customer Services by e-mail to request a customized quotation. You only need to indicate the following data:

  • pallet dimensions
  • weight of the pallet
  • pick-up address
  • delivery address

The cost estimate will be provided by the end of the day of the request.

How to pack and ship a pallet

Shipping a pallet with a fast courier

Organizing a pallet shipment with is easy, fast and economical, but you must pay attention. Furniture, appliances and fragile items will not be collected if not properly packed.

How to prepare the pallet?
For the pallet to be shipped to be prepared in a workmanlike manner, it is necessary to position the items to be sent, taking care not to let them protrude. To secure the goods it is possible to use a strap or other similar instruments. Such shrewdness will avoid the occurrence of possible falls and consequent damages to the shipped goods. Protecting the goods with bubble wrap, nylon, cellulose, boards or cardboard will make transport even safer.

It is therefore necessary that the article is positioned on a pallet so that it does not come out of it. The goods should also be securely fastened to the pallet so that the material does not slip out of it. Also, it is important that the goods are wrapped with cardboard or nylon, so they do not hit during transport. In addition, the pallet must be stockable. This means that the top of the pallet should be straight, and that other goods can be loaded on top. For this reason, we advise you to make a correct packaging.







History of pallet

The origin of pallets

The invention and use of pallets began in the war period of the 1940s. Thanks to the first forklifts and the use of the first pallets, it was possible to transport large quantities of materials that man would never have been able to transport in a short time. It can therefore be said that pallets were born to serve the world of logistics and transportation during The Second World War II.

It was during the Second World War that the first pallets appeared, as a result of an intuition of American soldiers. They were the ones who realized how to arrange the goods to be transported on wooden platforms, making the handling much easier. In this way, in addition to saving time in the presence of large quantities of goods, the possible damages caused by accidental impacts or caused by excessive humidity were reduced. With time and given the need, several countries agreed to look for standardized solutions. In the Old Continent, for example, the Eur (or Europallet) 800x1200mm pallets appeared, excellent in promoting interchangeability. An important innovation that avoided having to return the pallets to the starting point once a certain movement had been completed.

Around 1945, with the end of the war, pallets transport is broadcasting and in the same time the productive sectors such as: food sector, pharmaceutical sector, construction sector and so on.

How is the standard pallet 80x120cm born?

Around the 1950s, thanks to the state railways, the use of pallets for freight transport began to increase. The pallets that existed at that time had different sizes. For this reason, the requirement to use pallets with standard dimensions that are compatible with the width of freight wagons is born.

This way, in those years 80x120cm pallets are born, which are to this day the most widespread and at the same time used worldwide. Already, pallets were used in all Europe. This is why in 1961 the EUR pallets were born which had to meet certain characteristics.

Today between disposable pallets and reusable ones

The difference must be made between disposable pallets and reusable ones. It remains important that the length and width should not exceed 80x120cm. Disposable pallets are economical and usually remain at the recipient of the shipment. Reusable pallets are usually much more solid than disposable ones and have standard measures such as euro-pallet or world pallet. For private persons we recommend the use of disposable pallets.


From December 9, 1960, the EEC authority issued a convention on the treatment of customs for pallets. It has been decided that pallets can enter and exit freely between member states without the need to pay customs duties.

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How to ship a pallet with europacco

The procedure adopted by europacco, regardless of whether customers prefer a parcel or a pallet shipment, requires only a few steps.
You simply have to connect to our home page and enter the weight and dimensions, the pickup and delivery address, then select the date for pickup (from your company or the address where the goods are located). Our shipments to Europe or the rest of the world, all depart from the Italian territory and are characterized by speed and economy.

Insure the shipment
If you send goods of a certain value, we remind you the function of the insurance service. This service, available both for pallet and parcel shipments, has a cost equal to 1.5% of the value of the goods. The amount of the service provided will be calculated automatically, and its amount will appear directly in the online form. The maximum value that can be insured with europacco is 1,500 euros.

Payment options
You can choose between PayPal or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and other circuits), concluding the online transaction in a few moments. To ensure maximum security in the transmission of data will be a system designed to prevent possible attempts at fraud. If you decide to pay by credit card you will be required to provide, in addition to the card number and name of the owner, the expiration date and the CCV2 code (expressed in 3 digits and located on the back of the card). We have decided to allow our customers to pay for our services with Amazon Pay. Alternatively, you can request our bank details by emailing [email protected] if you are interested in the bank transfer option.

Package tracking and couriers
Once the payment is completed, the order will be automatically confirmed. You will then be sent an order confirmation e-mail that contains a tracking link, as well as the "DDT" in digital version. The link will allow you to check in any point the status of your shipment. In order to ensure an excellent service, we regularly update the link several times until delivery. We would like to emphasize that the goods will remain traceable even if the partner chosen for the shipment changes. Therefore, from the beginning to the end of the shipment you can monitor the tracking through the EPC reference displayed in the subject of the order confirmation e-mail. If you have already had occasion to ship packages, you will know that there are many reliable couriers such as GLS, BRT, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.. It is not by chance that we have chosen to collaborate with them. If the quality of the delivery service is comparable between the couriers mentioned, what varies are the delivery methods. Some are used to make several delivery attempts, while others, after an unsuccessful delivery attempt, if feasible, leave the package ready for collection at the branch nearest the delivery address.

Customs Controls
When the final destination of a delivery is an EU country, generally no customs documents are required. However, we would like to mention the Canary Islands, where customs controls and customs clearance are mandatory. This involves checking the contents of pallets or packages. If your shipment is going to a country subject to customs controls, you should know that you will be required to fill out customs documents including the proforma invoice and the document of free export. Once completed, you can forward the material to us by e-mail at [email protected]. The Customer Service will be happy to verify everything and contact you in case of need.


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