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Even if immigration attracts media attention, emigration remains a very current issue in Europe. Every year about 150,000 adventurous people, leave Germany to emigrate abroad, to realize a new life far from their homeland. From 2009 to 2013, the number of emigrants was even higher than the one of the immigrants, so high that during this period Germany lost yearly inhabitants. Another curiosity is that about 70 percent of the emigrants are graduates or workers with management functions. However, only a third of emigrants are willing to leave a country like Germany forever. A big part of them plan a fixed-term stay, and then return home rich in experiences and skills.

This means that making experiences elsewhere and work in general are the main causes for a moving abroad. Another important reason for emigration can certainly be also the partner, a life partner in this case. Above all in Western European countries, the income or one's standard of living, with which one is not satisfied, plays only a secondary role and therefore does not appear among the main reasons for a transfer abroad. Moreover, the aspect of training or studying should not be overlooked, for many young people being the cause to leave their country for at least some time.

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Leaving for?

Above all, television suggests the fact that many emigrants from Germany and Austria move south. However, consulting the statistics, the facts turn out to be others. The number 1 choice for the inhabitants of Germany remains Switzerland, with its own multinationals, income at other levels and interesting employment prospects. On the second place, again for the German nationals, we find the United States, followed by Austria. The United Kingdom is also among the important destinations for German people. Southern countries like Spain, Italy or Greece are continuously losing ground, given the difficult job market and general economic instability. However, emigration in Europe continuous to be a highly discussed issue. Bosnia and Herzegovina remains the first on the list when moving abroad. Almost half of this country is living abroad. For the countries of Germany or Austria the percentage of emigrants shows a single-digit number, and the number is rather low.


Do you belong to the brave people, who would like to emigrate to experience their fortune in another country? Many people, very willing, first are scared by the bureaucratic challenges or the move itself. Europacco can support you in this project, giving you a hand in reference to the transport of your belongings. Regarding to its own customers, Europacco can take advantage of many years of organized removals.

An emigration of this kind, or an international move in general, whether is organized by a company or a private person, is sometimes underestimated. For this reason, we have summarized some suggestions, which can be taken into consideration before moving abroad:

1. Bureaucratic preparation

One thing is certain: those who turn their backs on their own homeland can be sure of having to face more than one bureaucratic challenge. A saying to be kept in mind is the following: country you go - custom that you find. Even if you are used to a certain degree of punctuality and kindness - this cannot be taken for granted in all the other countries. We advise you to check and know in advance the new customs in terms of bureaucracy. In order not to be surprised by the bureaucratic jungle during a move abroad, the division of your own time is very important. Take care to cancel your lease within the agreed terms. Normally, on the third day of the new month the cancellation must be reported to the owner, to comply with the 3-month notice period. If you cancel your lease by September 3rd, you can go out of home already November 30th. In any case, the rental contract should be carefully consulted, in order to avoid any surprises during the planning of the move. Furthermore, long-term contracts for mobile phones, internet networks or utilities are also to be checked and canceled promptly. Then nothing and nobody can hinder your move abroad.

Time management available to search for a suitable home in the new homeland plays a fundamental role. In this case, those who take sufficient time have the opportunity to evaluate various offers calmly. Organize yourself for this period also with your savings! Once you will find the new apartment, the costs won’t make themselves wait.

Even the bureaucratic expenditure during a moving abroad involves costs. The first expense in this sense is the request for work and residence permit for the new homeland. Find out first online, how and where to request and procure these important documents and what requirements are needed. For an international move it is also essential to bring with you important documents such as a birth certificate or a marriage certificate. Sometimes, even the translation into the same language can be required. If you move abroad, you should always carry valid ID documents with you. In some cases, before emigration, even a medical check-up can be strongly recommended, for example: being vaccinated.

2. Moving organization / coordination with the new residence

Especially during an international move or in the special case of a transfer elsewhere, the collaboration with an expert shipping company with a certain experiences of moving abroad is strongly recommended. Europacco boasts a rich portfolio rich in this sense. The performance of a shipment agency ranges from the safe removal from the old dwelling, until the correct delivery of the assets in the country of destination.
The spectrum of Europacco performance furthermore includes the following services:

  • Organization of personalized transport by land, by sea or by air
  • Advice on packaging the goods
  • Producing of the customs documents
  • Insurance benefits
  • Assistance in a claim practice
  • International tracking guaranteed
  • Choice between different payment methods

3. Packaging of the own goods

As with an international move you turn your back to your country, it is fundamental that your belongings move all into the new home. Here we start from furniture, household items and technical equipment to personal things such as documents, artwork or clothes. To facilitate the move, the packaging should be well done. It is important to keep in mind what you can send or what you cannot send by a courier. Private objects or jewels, travel better directly with you - bulky and voluminous goods, appropriately packed can be safely entrusted to an international shipping company like europacco.
How do you have to pack your belongings? The best thing is to divide your articles. All that goods should be packed and also wrapped in protective inner packaging. Larger objects such as furniture usually go on pallets. europacco finds the ideal route for your international transport and offers advice on transport preparation.

a) Small items can be sent to the new country by organizing a package shipment with europacco. If the sum of the three sides of the package does not exceed 190 cm, the shipment can be managed via the package delivery service. As a package, both second-hand cartons and prefabricated cartons are valid for a move. To avoid transport damage, the small parts should be properly packed using the right material. Air bubble polyethylene, small pieces of carton or foam are ideal to be used in this cases. For example, check if the larger pieces are easily disassembled; also, thanks to this shrewdness, eventually transport damages can be avoided. Do not forget while packing to label all your cartons so to facilitate the distribution in the new home.

b) Larger pieces can be shipped with europacco pallet transport. Use a simple Europal pallet to fix your possessions such as furniture or similar. Also in this case the use of suitable consumables such as air-bubble, polyethylene or cardboard layers are essential. In the best case the pieces are anchored to the pallet and finally wrapped in a film, to ensure that the goods do not slip. The most important criteria for a pallet shipment is that the material must not protrude beyond the surface of the pallet. During the transport, several pallets are placed next to each other, reason for which the correct distance to be respected is fundamental.

4. Arrived at destiny

Just as leaving the own home, also the moving into the new house becomes a challenge for all. If the international move has been properly organized and if the necessary time has been planned, the last step should not cause disproportionate efforts. Accept the material sent on the agreed day and arrange the packages immediately in the correct rooms. Especially in this case, if you have made a proper packaging then no damage should be verified. With an appropriate preparation, a portion of adventure spirit and above all, a well-organized shipment, your international move will be a success.


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