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On their shipping route, packages pass through countless hands, conveyor belts, distribution centers and means of transport. Therefore, precise preparation and transport-safe packaging is crucial.

How to prepare the shipment properly

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To every need, the right solution! College books, racing bikes, collectible wines or tire change? No fear! With's useful tips, dealing with shipping these types of goods will no longer be a problem. Access the special page dedicated to the category of item you want to ship and you will find all the tricks to consider for proper shipping. From the packaging to be procured to the preparation of the order, all the necessary information will be included in the articles that europacco has created for you. Depending on the type of goods you wish to ship, you can opt to purchase the appropriate packaging directly from, or you can make your request for a personalized quote if the package in question should have weights and dimensions that go beyond the maximums displayed online. Customer Service is at your complete disposal for all questions regarding containers for oil or wine bottles, customized cost estimates or filling out the necessary customs documents for your chosen destination. With the right tricks, your shipment will be a success!

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