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We at europacco provide valuable advice regarding the ideal packaging of your child seat and take charge of your shipment. Does your child car seat need to change owner? Are you currently thinking about how best to pack your child car seat? advises you on what to look out for when it comes to shipping your child car seat.

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Ship child car seat with Europacco

Solutions for different models

If the child car seat is made up of several reversible parts and decomposable elements, you can save a lot of space. This way, you can put your seat in the original mode and dismantle the additional elements. The individual elements can be placed in the empty space inside the main box.

What size is the child car seat?

Take the measurements: length, width and height. Pay attention to the longest side to choose the right size of the cardboard and of course also the sturdiness of the latter.

How do I pack my child car seat correctly?

1. Select the appropriate carton according to size and weight of the car seat. It should be sturdy.
2. Fill the inner space with filling material (old newspapers, baking paper, bubble wrap and other similar packaging materials) so that the seat does not move inside the carton.
3. Pack the seat as compactly as possible and make sure by shaking the carton that each part is well secured.
4. Do not forget to protect the corners and edges of the seat by procuring pieces of cardboard made especially for delicate parts.
5. Voilà and go.

How much does the package weigh?

If you have finally detected the size and weight of your package, then getting a quotation becomes easy.
You can measure the weight using a person scale. You can step on the scale with and without the parcel in your arms and then make the difference between the two weights, this way you will find out the weight of your package.

Shipping costs

From your home all over the world. We offer fast and cheap shipping. Italy, Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Find the price of your shipment through our Price List page. And if the weight and size of your package is higher than what we allow, you can contact us by e-mail for a personalized quote. Europacco offers you easy solutions.

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For the shipping of your child car seat and its components to be shipped from A to B, europacco is your reference site. We are at your disposal and take immediate care of your needs. We will pick up your package from your home and take it to the destination. You choose the day of pick-up.


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