Shipping winter tires with online courier service

Do you want to buy winter tires and rims in another city or ship yours abroad? Or do you need to send motorcycle rims to an international address? No problem! Europacco is specialized in tires and rims shipping! In fact, we pick up the tires directly at your home and deliver them safely within a few days to the destination. The only caution is to pay attention to the right packaging to ascertain the integrity of the goods during transport.


Properly packaged tires

Make sure the tires and rims are properly packaged. The goods can be placed on a pallet and secured with strapping (as well as wrapped with plastic film or cardboard) or packed without a pallet but with cellophane or in the appropriate black bags. In the second case, you can use the parcel option for your shipment of car or motorcycle tires, keeping in mind the maximum allowed size and weight limits. Depending on the weight and size of the goods, you can arrange the shipment by packing each tire individually or in pairs of two.


Tips for proper packing of tires and rims:

  • In case you would like to use the pallet option, proceed as follows:
    • Place the goods on the pallet
    • Secure the tires and rims to the pallet using strapping or rope
    • Pack the entire shipment with cellophane or nylon film so that the items are protected against any shipping damage
  • In the case of parcel-type shipping, consider the following precautions:
    • Pack the tires and rims individually or, if weight and size permit, in pairs, placing them in a cardboard box or wrapping them with cellophane or nylon film


Europacco is a customized service for sending tires and rims worldwide at a competitive price. Shipping tires and rims has never been easier and safer: within minutes, pickup is arranged on the requested date and directly from your home. To proceed with your shipping order, simply use the online shipping form for a quick and easy process. Upon payment, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail with an attached transport document to attach to your packages or pallets. At this point, all you have to do is wait for the courier to pick up your goods.

Shipping winter tires with online courier service
Shipping winter tires with online courier service

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