Compiling successfully the customs documents

For deliveries outside the EU, as being countries that do not make part of the European Union, you need to compile customs documents. The Customs requires a photocopy of an identity card of the sender, the proforma invoice and also the declaration of free export.

What the proforma invoice is?

If you are no longer in possession of the original purchase invoice of the product, then you can simply fill out a self-declaration, or the so-called "proforma invoice". Once the order is confirmed, onto your email, the model of the proforma invoice to fill in, will be forwarded. Please complete all fields and list all the products contained within the package. You must specify where the item was produced or manufactured, what exactly is it, what material is made of and what is done for. If the product is labeled with a bar code, then you should indicate also this number. The Proforma Invoice must be printed and completed in 5 original copies.

The proforma invoice

Complete this document with your address and the recipient's address. Choose the goal of the expedition. For shipments type gifts, tick "Gift". You must list exactly each product contained in the package. Made a note for each product by specifying the country of production, a detailed description of the article, the number of items of this type contained in the package, the value of a unit and also the total value. Please complete this list conscientiously, because you may have problems with customs that could block or stop your pack. Finally, you must add: the current date, your name on the sheet, your title (ex .: sender) and your signature.

Example of a proforma invoice completed correctly:

Compiling successfully the customs documents

What the declaration of free export is?

In the document entitled Declaration of Free Export you need to enter the name and the surname of the sender, the full address, the place, date and sign in the end. This document should be printed and completed in 5 original copies.

The declaration of free export

For filling correctly the gaps, it's enough to enter the personal information such as name, address, phone number and e-mail. You must also enter the number of your shipment (the number that starts with EPC .... you can find it on the transport document). Finally, enter the place and date and sign the document.

Example of a declaration of free export correctly completed:

Compiling successfully the customs documents

What is the Declaration?

The Declaration form represents a customs document through which the EORI code is required for customs purposes.

Compiling successfully the customs documents

Since 2009, all people living in the European Community wishing to carry out import and / or export activities are required to use the EORI code. The EORI (Economic Operator Registration Identification) code represents an alphanumeric string that identifies all who carry out shipments regardless of whether they have a VAT number or a private person.

For the application for issuing the EORI code, simply enter the first and last name on the Declaration form and sign it accordingly. The awb field will remain free.

Customs documents Check List:

To give you a precise view of the customs requirements, here is a summary of the requirements:

  • 1x copy of the identity card
  • 3x completed form "Proforma Invoice"
  • 3x completed form "Declaration of free export"
  • 1x "Declaration"

Our advice: instead of compiling every document five times in original, simply fill it once and make other four copies. Warning: the signature is the only one that should be made in original on all copies, as required by the customs.

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