How to insure the shipment?

Insurance amount

With you can set up the insurance service for your shipment of parcel and/or pallet type. For "document" shipments, the stipulation of the insurance service will not be possible.

To proceed with the insurance, you must indicate in the "Insurance" field, the value of the goods. The cost of the stipulated insurance service will be automatically calculated and displayed in the online form. The value represents 1.5% of the indicated value of the goods and it is of minimum €3,50 with a maximum insurable value of €1500.

Rules for the insurance

The insurance service will have to be predisposed considering the Terms and Conditions of contract. Below you will find some of the key points to consider before proceeding with the stipulation of the insurance service for your shipment:

  1. Insured Value

    You must first ascertain that the value for which the insurance service has been stipulated is demonstrable by means of an appropriate invoice of purchase of goods in the name of the payer of the shipment and that the value of the insurance coincides with the value reported on the bill itself.

  2. Type of goods

    Only parcel and/or pallet type shipments containing goods not listed in Art. 15 Excluded Goods can be insured. Should your shipment contain goods listed in the above-mentioned article, the latter will be excluded from the responsibility of this service and the stipulation of the insurance service will not be possible.

  3. Weight, dimensions and packaging

    Please ensure that your shipment complies with the maximum weights and dimensions allowed for the chosen destination and that the packaging (internal and external) you have used is suitable for the type of shipment you have made. Only for shipments that respect the maximum weight and dimensions allowed for the chosen service (parcel/pallet) and that have a suitable packaging will be possible to apply the insurance service with

Insurance and refund

What to do in case of insured and damaged shipment? To benefit from the opening of a claim practice in case of insured shipment, make sure you respect contractual conditions as set out in the Terms and Conditions read and accepted at the time of order confirmation. Here are some of the basic steps that must be respected:

  1. Correct acceptance of goods

    The recipient of the insured shipment must be carefully informed about the correct acceptance of the goods. In fact, the latter must report any transport damage that the shipment presents during delivery, accepting the goods with specific reserve and reporting precisely on the proof of delivery (POD) the transport damage found.

  2. Timing of damage reporting

    The damage of the shipment must be reported no later than two working days from the time of delivery, by e-mail sent by the payer of the shipment to [email protected].

  3. Timing of sending required documentation

    The payer of the shipment must provide within and not later than eight working days the documentation requested by the Customer Service so the practice can be opened.

Failure to comply with the timeline provided, will result in the impossibility of the management of the insurance practice and the consequent negative outcome of the request made.


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