Delivery mode of various couriers

You can always follow the progress of your shipment on our web page, under the field Tracking. This way, you can always be informed on the tracking of your shipment. National shipments are delivered directly to the recipient, while international shipments are brought initially to our warehouse in Bolzano. Here, each package is double-checked (weight and size) and then entrusted to the final courier in order to reach the destination.

Depending on the country of destination, we will choose the best partner for you. The policy of each courier, regarding delivery, is different. It remains valid that each courier makes at least one delivery attempt to deliver the shipment to the indicated delivery address. If the recipient is not available at the moment of the first delivery attempt, two more attempts could be made within next working days. In the eventuality, if in the vicinity of the delivery address there is a store or support point of one of the couriers, then the package may be delivered there after the first failed delivery attempt. The package is kept for only a limited period in the storage, period in which the receiver must go and picked it up.

The couriers with whom we collaborate are not obliged to inform the recipients before the delivery attempts by sending them an e-mail or making a phone call.

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