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Regardless if talking about a small souvenir or a high-volume shipment, especially in Europe, many tourists are attracted by the southern areas such as Portugal, Spain or Italy. Often, during honeymoon or family holidays a lot of objects are purchased and, as in the case of the olive oil, these come home with us at the end of the holiday. We at offer you a secure, fast and economic shipment worldwide, independently if the shipment is between private personas or companies.

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

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The shipment of your olive oil

The glass bottles and the tins used as packaging for the liquids have a fundamental role for the transport. This also happens in case of your olive oil shipment. In the following lines you will find valuable tips for a safe olive oil shipment.

The essential:
First, you should decide on using separating elements made of polystyrene or cardboard. Thanks to this kind of elements you can guarantee that each bottle has its own dedicated space and that during the transport these will not be in contact or will beat one against the other. Once you take this decision, as first step, we recommend wrapping each bottle with air bubble polyethylene. Subsequently, the bottles will be inserted in the cardboard box, which in the first step was prepared with separating elements. If you want to arrange the bottles on more levels, you should be sure that the base is secure, so that even in this case the bottles do not touch each other. As last step, insert a lot of filling material (such as expanded flakes and polystyrene pearls) and close the package with adhesive tape.

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To be sure the shipment will take place without problems, in addition to the mere transport we also offer to you other ancillary services. Thanks to our Tracking service we guarantee you the continuous and constant tracking of your shipment. This way, you will always know where your goods are and when they will reach the destination.


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