Send food products correctly

How nice it would be to eat a piece of a cake or a well done pasta with homemade tomato sauce? To avoid that the cake does not arrive entire or to avoid pieces of broken glass in the tomato sauce you should definitely think carefully to a suitable packaging for the shipped goods. The goods should resist to the impact of transport without any damage.

Erasmus students or sons living far from home or who have moved away for work or love, distant friends to whom we want to make known the Italian products: with it is possible to send food all over the world completely to responsibility and risk of the sender.
The packaging must be adequate, as the packages pass through hubs where the sorting is not carried out manually. The goods are loaded and downloaded by different vehicles and therefore these can be superimposed. The indications "high", "glass" or "fragile" won't be red. Food products can not be insured and no refund is expected in case of damages during transport. We also remember that any damage, caused by a package containing a food product not well packaged, is on the complete responsibility of the sender who sends the goods unpackaged properly.

How to pack the foodstuffs correctly

Here's a step-by-step on how to pack your foods so that they arrive safely at the destination:

  • Wrap the foods in sheets of newspaper (or bubble wrap) in such a way that they protect against possible shocks. We recommend to pack glass-wrapped products in special polystyrene protective cellars.
  • Insert the food products in a special carton for shipping: the package must be of an appropriate size (not excessively large), without further labels or external addresses that may confuse the courier and with an excellent multi-layered packaging.
  • Place the food in the cardboard box and fill in any gaps with newspapers or other lightweight filler so that the products cannot slip inside the box.
  • Seal the package with adhesive tape, reinforcing the corners and, if necessary, wrapping it with parchment paper.
  • Insert the transport document and customs documents in an envelope and attach it prominently on the packaging.

Observe carefully the listed up signs for a proper packing. These can ensure safe transport for the foods that you want to send. If you send the goods abroad (outside the EU), please inform you in advance on customs regulations and import policy of the country of destination. In some countries, the import of animal products such as bacon or cheese are strictly prohibited.

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