If the wedding dress starts travelling

Shipping a wedding dress

How could the destination be achieved avoiding damages? This is a good question for many brides, who have passed the most beautiful day of life and are not willing to keep their wedding dress forever and prefer to sell it and then deliver it to a new owner. Certainly this decision is anything but easy for many young women, since in many cases they have a deep connection with these works of art.

After the big day the dress ends up in the closet. Normally, it will not be resold for a long time. However, there are several women who, after marriage, sell their wedding dress immediately. The market for selling wedding dresses is growing up very fast.

Also for this reason there are many brides, who would like to send their clothes in person. To ensure safety during transportation and original beauty even after unpacking, the fine sent piece must be packaged optimally.

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Following this suggestions you will be able too to pack your wedding dress in a few steps, in order to give to the new owner the most beautiful day of their life.

In order to continue with the shipment of the wedding dress, a dry cleaning is recommended first. The majority of brides want a classic white dress (more often a dirty white or ivory white). Rhinestones are still fashionable. Certainly this entails dangers in reference to small spots or damages, details that a cleaning or the tailor can adjust. If the wedding dress is sent, there are other details to be taken into consideration, to ensure safety to the place of destination. We advise you to follow the following advice when you decide to send a wedding dress:

1. Find the correct packaging materials

The plurality of brides wears a long dress for the wedding. A civil marriage in comparison takes place in a more loose manner, where the bride definitely tends towards a shorter dress and a little bit of color.

In the most common case of church marriage, long dresses are surely the most sought after and sold. These long dresses should be placed appropriately, simply using a clothes pouch.

Those who do not have a closable case can personally manufacture a subsidiary instrument: use a piece of cloth cut in a generous way or alternatively a film, which is to be attached to the dress hanging on the coat hanger. Make a hole above the hook of the coat hanger. Below, the DIY case remains open, certainly a small disadvantage compared to the professional clothing case. However, so the dress will remain a bit protected from dust and other external agents. However, keep in mind that plastic is not suitable for long-term storage. Use synthetic material only for short-term transport.

The safest material for storing fabrics is acid-free tissue paper. If you use tissue papers, it is still recommended to choose something white, in order not to risk to loose color in contact with the dress. If you use a completely new carton, a clothes pouch is not necessary. In this case, sheets of tissue paper are sufficient as additional packaging material.

A large cardboard or a stable box represents the ideal "guard" for the precious dress. During the choice of the cardboard it is to be considered, that the suit fits well all the space of the box, in order not to slide from one side to the other during the transport. Finally, taping the adhesive is essential, to fix the different layers.

2. Well bent - almost ironed

Although at first glance it seems puzzling, long-lasting it is certainly better if the dress remains folded and not hanging on the hook. Even a wedding dress can be folded and shipped, just knowing how.

The challenge for certain clothes consist of accurate details or volume, which can become enormous by thinking about the different layers of tulle. Normally, many dresses have the crinoline sewn inside , which certainly causes additional problems during packing. This must be removed before packaging. Carefully open them of the dress and push the individual elements of the crinoline one inside the other. If you intend to send the dress inside a clothes pouch, this can easily be folded from one to two times across the width.

Pay attention to the small details, such as embroidery of pearls or rhinestones, which certainly should not be damaged by bending or rubbing. Further, the dress in the case can be inserted into a suitable carton.

If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend the variant with a new cardboard box and sheets of tissue paper. Open the cardboard and cover it with tissue paper. Place the dress in the cardboard leaving the upper part to protrude. This part is inserted as last. For the first system, the lower part, the skirt, so that the dress is placed in the cardboard. After each bending, re-coat the cardboard with a sheet of tissue paper. As a last step regarding the folding of the skirt and the hemming that is facing upwards.

Do not forget to cover the base after every single fold with tissue paper, to prevent the individual layers from touching each other. Finally, the upper part is folded; if the dress has sleeves, they must be folded last. A sheet of tissue paper is to be inserted as the last layer, before closing the box.

3. Pack the wedding dress correctly

If the dress is arranged with tissue paper (or in an air-permeable case), the cardboard can be closed using adhesive tape. The size of the box is certainly to be matched to the volume of the dress.

The use of a box that is too large should be avoided, thus giving the dress too much opportunity to slip inside, causing unwanted folding. When in doubt, additional filling material may be used. However, pay attention to always be clean, so as not to dirty the fabric. The veil or other accessories, such as shoes or diadems, do not necessarily have to end up in the same container. It is recommended to use a separate cardboard for additional items. If the box with the suit is closed, a further layer of packaging paper can be applied, in order to close the cardboard well and to prevent the package from getting caught.

In case of doubt, even a layer of air-bubble polyethylene can be used. If all the layers are well secured with adhesive tape, the transport documents must be visibly applied on the outside of the package.

4. Keep the wedding dress correctly

The treatment of the dress is not only of fundamental importance during transport, but also as regards the storage after unpacking or after wearing it.

A wedding dress should not be stored for long time with plastic cases. The first reason consists in on fact that plastic cases do not filter the light and therefore the fabric can be deteriorated. Furthermore, in most cases, the plastic does not let air pass, favoring the mold.

An alternative to plastic housing is the classic clothing case, which is breathable. Also, the wedding dress should not be stored in the closet and not for too long hanging. This causes deformations and distorted seams, especially if it is a voluminous and heavy dress.

An important tip is the storage in a box, as in the case of shipments. The box , however, should not be made of simple cardboard, since in many cases they are treated with acidic materials, which in the long term entails damage to the dress. An acid-free cardboard box, lined with tissue paper, is ideal for the preservation of the wedding dress, since folding it in the right way does not form other unwanted folds. This type of conservation protects the garment from heat, moisture and light, while remaining breathable – tyriid parasite.

In general, the box must be closed properly, to protect the fabric from parasites. Avoid adding fragrant items in the carton and store accessories such as shoes or veil . In the ideal case, the dress is removed from the box one to two times a year, cautiously shaken and well ventilated - thus making the dress remains an attraction for decades.


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