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From abroad to Italy

Sending objects to Italy

Cross-border transportation is complex, even more so when it is an import. offers you a simple and competent service for shipping from Europe to Italy. No matter if Germany, France, Austria, Spain or other EU countries: thanks to our wide international shipping network we handle your shipping needs without any problems. The tracking function helps you not to lose track of the shipment from pickup to delivery.

Shipping from EU countries and non-EU countries to Italy: what changes?

Shipping to Italy from states belonging to the European Union and from non-European countries is different, and not only in terms of costs. Before making a shipment, therefore, it is a good idea to be clear about the logistical mechanisms behind the costs to be incurred and the timeframe (both shipping and package preparation). The first factor to consider is the passage through customs, which is expected for shipments from outside Europe; the most frequently encountered consequence is the payment of duties and customs charges. If there is a regulatory regime in place within the EU to facilitate the free movement of goods (no customs, thus no additional costs), when non-European states are involved, it is necessary to proceed with the calculation (and related payment) of customs duties and the completion of export documentation.

What goods are not allowed to be imported?

Another aspect to consider before having goods or merchandise shipped from abroad is the type of goods being sent. Each country, in fact, has very specific export (but also import) rules. When dealing with a transoceanic shipment or one made by air, you can refer to the "Goods Regulations" section of the IATA (an acronym for "International Air Transport Association"), which is available for online reference. This list provides guidance regarding dangerous goods and commodities that are not allowed to be transported by air to the country of destination.

The list of prohibited goods

As far as Italy is concerned, there are several notices and rules, coming from the Ministry of Economic Development regarding what is sent from abroad for commercial purposes (from food products to textiles, from flora to fauna). It is up to the customs agents to prevent items considered illegal, dangerous or otherwise, that could generate problems from entering the Italian territory.

Imported products for private use

Considering shipments destined for private individuals, with some exceptions, it is forbidden to import into Italy, for example, animals (in the absence of a health certificate and veterinary documentation from the country from which the animal originates), rare plants and corals (if the Cites certificate or specific authorization is missing), medicines prohibited in the country of destination, counterfeit products, cultural goods (first of all, works of art) in the absence of specific authorization, explosives, firearms and flammable liquids, narcotic substances, and certain food products of animal origin.
In practice, it is prohibited in Italy to import from abroad parcels containing products that could pose a danger to the health (of the recipient or others) and the environment, or any other products that would break the application of Italian regulations.

Value of goods and insurance

There is no doubt that most influencing the costs of a shipment from abroad are place of origin and destination, but other elements must also be taken into consideration, such as the size and weight of the package, the possible conclusion of insurance and the application of customs duties. By entrusting europacco with sending a parcel from abroad to Italy, anyone can choose to insure the shipment. In order to do so, the purchase value of the goods must be indicated in the "insurance value" field. The cost of the insurance service, amounting to 1.5% of the value of the goods, will be calculated automatically and can then be viewed in the online form. There is a maximum insurable value per shipment of 1,500 euros. In case of damaged goods, the person who received the package is required to report to europacco (via e-mail to [email protected]) what happened within 2 working days after delivery. On the other hand, there are 8 working days available to the payer to proceed with sending the required documentation to Customer Service; it is this documentation that will allow the claim file to be initiated.

Customs duties

Each country adopts different customs tariffs that are set by the same local customs regulations. It is important to make a distinction between duties and allowances: the former represent taxes based on the value or quantity of the incoming goods while the latter are the "limits" within which customs charges are not payable, but only under specific conditions. In addition to the customs cost, import VAT (applicable in the country of destination), excise taxes, i.e., indirect manufacturing and sales tax on specific consumption costs, and administrative costs (primarily those related to the storage of goods) are also to be considered.

How to book a shipment from above with europacco

To request a parcel pickup abroad with europacco, simply fill out the online form indicating data regarding the shipment. One of the choices to be made will be between "private" and "company," to be entered depending on the intended pickup location (company or private). Additionally, you will have to indicate the delivery data, weight and size of the package. Regarding the billing address, you will have a precise field where you can indicate the payer of the transport cost which, may be different from the sender or recipient of the shipment.

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