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Who pays the shipment?

Collection address

The collection address differs from the billing address:

The billing address MUST CORRESPOND to the address of the private person or company that pays the shipment.

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Billing address

Has to conform to the filled in name above.

Delivery address

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By clicking on “confirm” an email with the payment link for the shipment will be send to the recipient of the invoice.

Information about parcel shipping
  1. Weight = max. 50kg

Holiday over – belongings lost

Tourists who became a victim of minor criminals or witnessed a theft often express this statement. However, there is even no need for it to happen. Many statistics prove that countless belongings have simply been forgotten during the vacation at the hotel room, the bar or at the airport. One of these statistics for example evidences that in the United States people declare lost 60 million cellular phones a year. Moreover, each month American airline corporations find not less than 10.000 objects in their planes. On the airports all over the world, approximately 12.000 notebooks were forgotten each month.

Europacco has set up the ideal service for this inconvenience, which embellishes forgetful travelers their vacation and at the same time supports honest finders, as for example hotels and similar structures. Typically, the finder of the objects needs to take them to an authority, get in contact with the visitor, pack everything personally and take it to the post office. eases the process considerably. In any case, both sides save time and costs.

How does it work?

Europacco offers the ideal platform for hotels and similar structures. Thanks to both the finder and the guest are able to organize a shipment from the location the object has been found to the address of the oblivious recipient – and everything with some easy clicks: simply insert measures and weight, collection and recipient address and the desired day of pick up. takes care of anything else. After the collection took place, the recipient can track the shipment any time thanks to a unified tracking system.

Who pays?

After measurements are entered on the platform, a last decision needs to be taken: does the sender want to pay offering a special service to the guest or is it the guest himself who pays for his obliviousness?

If the guest pays, a link is sent via email, by which the payment with credit card or PayPal can be processed. Immediately after the payment the guest gets an additional link, useful for the tracking of the prepared shipment. On the other hand, the sender of the parcel receives the transport documentation, which has to be printed and applied on the package. Instantly forgotten belongings will be collected on the desired day and sent home.
If the hotelier pays, he can settle the costs directly on, get the transport documents and apply these on the shipment. The recipient receives automatically a link to track the shipment in real time.

The service of turns out being a simple help for the guest, who forgot personal belongings on holidays and a special service for the finder, who would like to save trouble to the guest. Just some clicks and the holiday is save.

What our customers say is an online portal from Bolzano that offers package pickups both at home and at a company, and deliveries all over the world. By working with the best courier and transport companies.

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