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No matter if it's a shipment of a two vintage wheels or a specialized brand new bicycle - who wants to ship a bicycle founds on the ideal partner. We offer a service that makes the delivery of your bike the fastest and safest possible. What seems to be difficult at first, suddenly becomes simple. If the next time you will desire to take your bike with you for the holidays or you have sold it and need to ship it to the new owner, take advantage of the economic and reliable delivery with

Below we briefly listed the various shipping options as well as some interesting suggestions that will save you time and energy:


Ship a bicycle as a package

Suitable for bikes which can be removed easily

Shipping a bicycle
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This is one of the safest alternatives. In this case you have to disassemble your bicycle. So disconnect the handlebar, the wheels, the pedals and the saddle and pack every single piece in pluriball (polyethylene with air bubbles) and cardboard. The maximum dimensions for shipments as individual packages are of 190 cm (the sum of length + width + height must not exceed 190 cm) and the limit weight of 50 kg. Therefore it is important to previously take the exact measurements! For the packaging you can also use an old pack, which can be adapted to the restrictions. Make simply cuts of 1-2 cm in all four corners of the carton and fold the open sides inside. If you need to scale down the cardboard, then cut also out the folded sides. Suggestion: measuring twice is better than cutting to much!


Ship a bike as a pallet

Appropriate for Mid-Range bikes, which can be removed in only large pieces

Shipping a bicycle
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Even this transport alternative is largely safe and uncomplicated. Simply get yourself a common euro pallet and disconnect the pedals, wheels and handlebars from the frame of your bike. You can then attach the individual pieces on the pallet. Protect them with pluriball and / or stable cartons. The measurements of the pallet may not exceed the maximum allowable, so please take care that the bike frame does not protrude outside the pallet. If the maximum dimensions are respected, the shipment can be organized by filling out the online form directly. Should the pallet exceed the maximum dimensions and/or weight allowed, it will be possible to proceed with the request for a customized quotation by contacting Customer Service by e-mail.


Send a bicycle in a carton

Suitable for professional Bicycle, which due to technical finesse should be sent in full


There is also the possibility of packing the bicycle in an appropriate paperboard and send it. This alternative is proposed to fine patterns, as the bike is packed in a professional cardboard, which is properly designed for a secure and stable transport. A carton of this type can be bought, for example, in a specialist shop. The carton is manufactured of 2,40 wave BC, so that the bicycle reaches the destination well-padded and intact. The disadvantage: in normal cases this type of packaging exceeds the limits of the pallet. For this reason a special offer should be made. Of course we find also in this case a solution: contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and please state your package measures, the weight of it, the ZIP code of the pickup location and destination also. It will be our thoughtfulness prepare a quote as soon as possible.


Shipping a bicycle
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Checklist of preparation:

Before deciding which alternative is suitable for the delivery of your bicycle, you can use the following checklist to make sure you organize everything the best way:

  1. Remove all accessories such as water bottles, computers, pumps, locks, baskets, children's seats and mirrors and pack them individually.
  2. Decompose the bike as much as possible: if the bike can be decomposed easily, you may consider the shipment as a pack. If the bike has a more professional nature with technical finesse, it would be better to send the bike in full.
  3. Get yourself a suitable packaging: used paperboard that can be also scaled up to commercial shipping cardboard and everything is possible. The decision is up to you! The pluriball or cardboard can always be useful for the packaging of every single piece.
  4. Do not forget the transport document, which in any case must be visibly fixed on the packaging so that your bike will surely reach the desired destination.

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