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How can I send a package?

Sending a package is very easy! Simply fill in the form on the homepage of, confirm the consignment and pay by credit card or PayPal. Finally, print the transport document received by e-mail and place it on the package in a plastic cover.

Your package will be collected by a courier the following day.

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How is the shipping cost calculated?

The cost of the transport is calculated considering various aspects, including:

  • the country of pick-up and delivery;
  • the weight and size of the parcel, document or pallet;
  • the type of service (standard or express);
  • the addition of an insurance service and any extra charges related to remote area pick-up or delivery or porterage consequent to pick-up/delivery to the floor.

On the main page of the site, you will be able to view an initial estimate of the cost of shipping by indicating only the country of pick-up and delivery and the weight of the document, package, or pallet you intend to ship. The Price List can be seen on the following link. The amount displayed on the site refers to the cost of the transport and, in the case of shipments destined for countries subject to customs controls, any duties and customs charges are not included. For more info on how to properly fill out the customs documentation click here. In fact, the amount of customs fees is calculated during delivery and requested from the recipient of the shipment.

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When will my package be picked up?

Shipment pickup

During the shipment data entry, you can choose the day of pickup. You can choose a weekday pickup day between Monday and Friday.

The pickup will take place in a time slot ranging from 9:00 to 18:00.

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How can I keep track of my consignment?

In order to find out the exact status of your consignment go to Consignment Tracking on Searching is easy - simply enter the shipping number. You will find this number in the transport document you received by e-mail.

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Package delivery

What is the transport document and what do I do with it?

The transport document consists of the consignment note.
Once you have filled in the form correctly and confirmed as well as paid for the consignment, we will e-mail you a pdf document. Print the entire document in the attachment, insert it into a clear plastic cover and attach it to the package. To ensure that the right document is attached to the package the consignment note contains the shipping number, the recipient's name and the actual weight (important when sending more than one package). Your package is now ready for shipping!

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How do I calculate the weight of the package?

The weight of the parcel

Weight = Contents + Packaging
Categorization and pricing depend on the weight of the package. Make sure that the weight of the package does not exceed the values on the transport document.
You can find the weight classes and the corresponding prices here.

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When will my parcel be collected?

Transit times

To find out the standard delivery time for your shipment, all you have to do is fill in the form on the home page. You will see the average delivery time. The days are calculated in working days and are only an estimate.

You can choose the date of collection during the order itself. The collection takes place on working days from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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How do I fill in the form correctly?

Filling in the form correctly

Fill in the form according to the following criteria:
Choose "private" or "business", depending on whether your package is to be collected from a private or business address.
Write the name and address of the residence where the courier is supposed to collect the package. Please note: Write the name on the doorbell in this field, so that the courier can find it quickly. Please add an email address and phone number, in order to agree on a collection appointment if necessary.

In case the address differs from the billing address, click on "yes". Afterwards you can enter your invoice data. We also need your tax ID number for invoicing.
Fill in the field with the recipient's address and use the name on the doorbell.
Insert the weight of your parcel. It is possible to insure your parcel, too. Please find further information here Finally, you accept the terms and conditions and confirm the order.

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Why do Italian zip codes not work?

New ZIPs - postal codes

In 2006 the Italian postal service has changed and added a number of ZIP codes. As is well known, each Italian town has its own zip code (there are over 15,000 different locations, which are assigned a postal code). There are 27 main cities instead, which are divided into postal zones, and each of them has its own postal code. E.g. the general ZIP of Rome is 00100, but Via Flaminia Nuova has now its own code.

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What am I not allowed to send?

Goods that are not allowed to be sent by express courier

The following goods are not permitted for shipment with money, gold, antiques, spirits, stamps and other tokens, precious metals, firearms, alcohol, plants, drugs, works of art, precious stones, fur, expensive watches, animals, explosives, food, perishable goods, obscene and pornographic materials, coal and industrial diamonds, bank cheques, tobacco, traveler's cheques, goods that are illegal in the destination country. reserves the right to refuse shipment of packages and goods that are not compliant with these guidelines. In any case refuses collection of dangerous goods, such as flammable, explosive, hazardous, radioactive or toxic substances, infectious or magnetic materials in accordance with the limitations set by the European Agreement concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by road (Italian law 1839/62) and IATA. Additional charges will be incurred for package exceeding weight and size limits. Charges may be pressed as a result of any violation of these rules.

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How do I package the goods?

Outer packaging

Choose the size of the package according to its content. In order to the keep the goods intact, use padding materials, especially to ensure that the contents are not moving.
Seal any containers of liquids with tape and wrap them in waxed paper afterwards. Please note: Low quality packaging may result in damaged goods.
When reusing a box or container make sure to remove any old labels and stickers. Make sure the box is in good condition.
Labels such as "fragile" or "handle with care" are not a substitute for proper packaging, they only serve as additional information.


Boxes are the best containers for your shipment. They are available in all sizes and forms.

Pipes advises against using round pipes. This shape is difficult to handle. Drawings, blueprints and other documents are best sent in square or rectangular packages.

Duct tape

All packages must be sealed in order to avoid the loss of their content. We recommend the use of a high quality duct tape.

Packaging pager and foil

With products such as textiles we recommend wrapping with paper in order to protect them from dust. Then put the object into a box and seal appropriately.

Wrapping with paper and foils

We recommend the use of paper solely for textiles to protect them from dust. The goods still have to be put in a cardboard box and closed tightly. If you are wrapping the box in foil, make sure that the transport document is still readable and the bar code is visible.

Corner protection

Corners and ridges of the package can be protected with the help of plastic reinforcements or recycled cardboard. This prevents transport damages, because pressure and tension are distributed evenly on the surface of the package.

Inner packaging

Place fragile objects in the center of the package and add padding or filling materials on the sides. Make sure liquids are filled into appropriate containers. Such containers are lightweight and durable, wrapped and sealed with duct tape.
Powder materials have to be packed in durable plastic bags, sealed and then packed in a rigid cardboard box.
Protect USB sticks, CDs, tapes, videos and other media with soft padding or filling material. Wrap individual objects separately when the material is breakable.
Please note, these are only guidelines and does not take any liability for your packaging. You are responsible for the appropriate packaging of your products.

Suitcase and bags

If you send a suitcase or a bag, we recommend you to lock it with a key and put it in a cardboard box or wrap it with a cardboard. We do not recommend you to use the suitcase or the bag as a packing. In this case we do not take any responsability of the damage of the suitcase or the bag. All this damages are not refunded.

Protective bags

Protective bags with bubble wrap are ideal for objects such as LPs, CDs, keys and electronic spare parts.


Please use paper to fill any gaps in the package and to make the package more stable. Fragile objects have to be wrapped individually.
Bubble wrap and air cushion pads
Bubble wrap is one of the most commonly used filling materials due to its flexible use.
It is ideal for smaller boxes, for larger ones we recommend air cushion pads.

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are usually made from potato starch or polystyrene and are ideal for many products due to their flexible use. The peanuts fill in gaps in the box and provide reliable protection of the goods.

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Suggestions for a correct packing

Payment and invoicing

How can I pay for my consignment?

Payment options offers two payment options:

Payment by credit card

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Carta Aura, Discover and prepaid cards. Simply enter your payment details with our PayPal partner page and we can guarantee that only PayPal and your credit card issuer have access to your data. The following information is necessary for online payment:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV2 code (three numbers on the back of the card)

Payment by credit card is carried out in advance, permission and charging are carried out simultaneously.

Payment via PayPal

PayPal enables customers and businesses worldwide to carry out and receive payments online. The service protects your data with the help of customized security systems in order to prevent fraud. Your bank or credit card details will not be forwarded to


  • Bank transfers are free of charge.
  • Payments can be carried out easily and quickly.
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Where do I find my invoice?


Your invoice will be sent to you by e-mail by the 15th of the following month. In case you haven't received an invoice by then, please contact our customer service.

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Administrative costs

When are additional costs incurred?

Administrative costs

Additional charges will be incurred for consignments exceeding weight and size limits. will send an additional invoice to cover the difference plus a 5 euro administration fee. These additional costs are communicated by e-mail and have to be paid immediately.

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Exceeding allowable weight and dimensions

Both weight and size of each package will be considered and evaluated individually. The prices for shipments can shoot at ranges of 5.00 kg, 10.00 kg, 20.00 kg, 30.00 kg, 40.00 kg, respectively 50.00 kg. If the weight of a package exceeds even only for 100 grams the weight of a mass group indicated above, the increase of money is recognized corresponding to the next price range. The weight of the packages is not total. If the dispatch is composed of more than one package, of which, a package has a weight lower than the maximum limit granted by the corresponding weight band (for example 28.00 kg to 30.00 kg of the band) and the other exceeds the maximum limit granted for the weight band (for example 5,10 kg for the band of 5.00 kg), at the latter it will be requested the increase of money corresponding to the next weight range (above the 5, 00 kg). The weight of the packages can only be total when the shipment is organized as a "pallet" type.

For weight and maximum size allowed exceedances, (over 50.00 kg and above 190.00 cm) for some countries, it may incur an increase in euro, which sometimes can be higher then the initial value already paid by the customer for the purchase of the expedition itself.

Shipments consisting of more than one package, if for one of the packages it is requested an increase (because of the excessing weight and / or size), will remain in the warehouse stock of Europacco in Bolzano until the payment of the required sum.

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How can I insure my package?

Insured consignment offers the option to insure your consignment. To insure your package you simply have to enter the value of the shipped goods in the form on the home page. Insurance costs are immediately calculated and amount to 1.5 % (with a minimum of 3.5 euro) of the value of the shipped goods. The maximum amount to be insured is 1,500 EUR. Please note: The insurance value must be provable and in case of damage the goods must be saved.

Shipments to the following countries will not be insured: Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Russia, Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

more insurance details

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How is the insurance sum calculated?

Calculation of the insurance sum

After you enter the value of the goods in the form on the homepage, costs will be automatically calculated.

more insurance details

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Which rules do I have to abide by for compensation of damages?

Rules in the event of damage

It is important that you follow the terms and conditions of the insurance. In addition the goods value must be provable and the package has to be packaged according to the instructions. recommends giving the following information to the recipient of the package. The condition of the package has to be checked upon receipt. If the package shows any visible damage, this has to be noted on the transport document and signed by the recipient as well as the delivery person.
Such a package should also only be accepted with reservations. Example for the following rule: In addition the goods value must be provable and the package has to be packaged according to the instructions. recommends giving the following information to the recipient of the package: The condition of the package has to be checked upon receipt. If the package shows any visible damage, this has to be noted on the transport document and signed by the recipient as well as the delivery person.

Example for acceptance with reservations: I reserve the right to further examine the content of the package for damages. In order to be eligible for compensation for damages, the damage has to be communicated within 48 hours of receipt of the package. Communication has to be in written form by e-mail to [email protected]. Simply write your shipping number and contact data into the relevant e-mail. You will be contacted shortly by the insurance company, asking for detailed documentation.

Complete documentation includes the following:

  • A copy of the product purchase invoice
  • A copy of the confirmation of payment, transport document or consignment note of the return consignment
  • Transport document (consignment note)
  • Copy of the transport document signed with reservations - with the known damages
  • Photos of the damaged goods
  • Photos of the internal and external packaging used
  • Detailed description of the damages by the recipient
  • In case of loss: Notice of loss/theft
  • Terms and conditions of the insurance

The following goods cannot be insured:

  • Valuables such as precious metals, precious stones, foodstuffs, liquids, jewellery, money, stocks, stamps etc.
  • Fragile objects such as glass or ceramics
  • Works of art and antiques, carpets and real fur, tobacco
  • Radioactive materials and nuclear fuels
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Live animals
  • Legally prohibited goods, e. g. medication
Period of insurance

The package is insured from the handover of goods to the courier to the moment of delivery of the package to the recipient.


The insurance premium applies to each individually insured package.

Competent court

The place of jurisdiction is Bozen/Bolzano.

Special arrangements

The standard insurance only applies for packages with a maximum weight of 50 kg. If you have heavier packages, please contact's customer service at [email protected].

more insurance details

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Technical requirements

How can I open and print the PDF?

Opening and printing a PDF document

Most computers already avail of a program for reading PDFs. In case you are not able to open the document in the e-mail attachment, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply click on this link:

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How do I register?

With europacco you can safely send your goods without registering. Registration is not mandatory! When you place your first order on, you will receive an e-mail, through which you can easily register if wanted.
Once registered, you will have access to a dedicated user area where all your shipments made with the europacco service will be listed in chronological order. By logging in and accessing the "Shipments" section, you will be able to view the tracking of every order you have made, as well as download the transport documents relating to each shipment.
If you do not wish to register, simply ignore the e-mail you received with your first order and continue with your new shipments without any problem. See more

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