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Top 3 Questions

How can I send a package?

How much does shipping cost?

When will my package be picked up?


How can I keep track of my consignment?

Package delivery

What is the transport document and what do I do with it?

How do I calculate the weight of the package?

When will my parcel be collected?

How do I fill in the form correctly?

Why do Italian zip codes not work?

What am I not allowed to send?

How do I package the goods?

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the shipment?

Suggestions for a correct packing

Payment and invoicing

How can I pay for my consignment?

Where do I find my invoice?

Administrative costs

When are additional costs incurred?

Exceeding allowable weight and dimensions


How can I insure my package?

How is the insurance sum calculated?

Which rules do I have to abide by for compensation of damages?

Technical requirements

How can I open and print the PDF?

Who do I contact if I encounter problems with the website?

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