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General information about the parcel shipping

Why choose europacco for shipping parcels from Italy? is an online portal with headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, which offers a simple, fast and cost-effective shipping service. Parcels, documents and pallets are shipped both nationally and internationally from Italy to the rest of the world.

The company offers a service that includes the collection and delivery of goods to more than 200 countries. The experience of the company in this field and the collaboration with proven carriers guarantee maximum punctuality of the service, which is available to both companies and individuals. In comparison with competitors, the prices are extremely favorable. Due to the high volume of shipments, europacco receives significant discounts from their forwarding network, which are reflected in the rates for customers. Choose europacco without hesitation to send your parcels with food, books or any other product you want.

What do you need to know about the ordering process?

How to send a parcel

To use europacco's parcel service from Italy, simply fill out the online form on the home page. After confirming that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, you can make the payment for the shipment, which can be done by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal. Now you just have to wait for the order confirmation e-mail. This will contain a waybill that should be printed and attached to the shipment. Place it in a clear plastic envelope and attach it to the package. The carrier will pick up the shipment on the pickup date specified during the order process or on the next business day if this date is not known. When calculating the price for the service, several elements are taken into account, including: the country of pickup and delivery, weight and/or size of the packaged goods.

How will the package be picked up?

If you want to ship your packages, keep in mind that the pickup will take place on the day you choose, in an approximate time frame between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. As mentioned earlier, the pickup date must be specified when you enter your shipping information. You can choose any day of the week from Monday to Friday as possible pickup date.

How to calculate the weight of the package

The weight of the package is the sum of the weight of the contents and the packaging. It is important that the weight of the package is within the selected range, which is also indicated on the waybill received. The weight plays an important role in calculating the cost of transportation. There are maximum weight and size limits for all destinations. The maximum weight and size limits depend on the routing, i.e., the country of departure and delivery of the shipment. However, if you need to ship a package that exceeds these allowable limits, you have the option to request a custom quote by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Filling out the form for parcel delivery

Depending on where the pickup is to take place (private home or business), the customer is first asked to choose one of two options on the website: "Private" or "Business". The next step? Enter the sender's/receiver's first and last name (be sure to enter the name that's actually on the doorbell) and the pickup and delivery address. Don't forget to include a local phone number. Accept the terms and conditions and then confirm the order. Europacco will send the order confirmation by e-mail, taking into account the e-mail address of the sender or payer of the shipment. The invoice will be issued according to the type of invoicing you have chosen (immediate or cumulative invoicing) according to the expected schedule.

Booking, collection and payment of the service

After entering the pickup, billing and delivery address in the online form, all you have to do is select the date you want the courier service to make the pickup. You can pay for the requested service online using PayPal or opt for a credit card (MasterCard and Visa) or a prepaid card (such as PostePay). In order to complete the online credit card payment, users must enter accurate information such as card number and expiration date (month and year), as well as the three-digit CVV2 code on the back of the card. Please note that your credit card will be charged immediately as it is a pre-payment. If you choose PayPal, the transaction is equally secure. Just like credit cards, PayPal can count on innovative security and fraud prevention systems. Therefore, any information you provide at this stage will never be forwarded to the website. Why should you choose PayPal? Not only is it a fast and convenient tool, but it also allows you to submit payments completely free of charge. Once the payment is completed, the order is automatically confirmed. Once the shipment is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail from europacco with the tracking link and as an attachment the shipping document. Attach the waybill to your package and wait for the courier to arrive.

What additional options are open to you?

How to insure parcels shipped with europacco

The insurance service is optional and can be arranged at the time of ordering. To do this, you must enter the purchase value of the goods in the online form and ensure that you have the invoice for the purchase of the goods issued in the name of the payer of the shipment, which shows the same amount for which the insurance service has been agreed on. This process leads to an immediate calculation of the cost of insurance, which can be viewed directly on the website. The cost is 1.5% of the value of the goods, with a minimum of 3.5 euros. The maximum sum insured is 1,500 euros. The insurance premium, which is calculated after entering the insured value, appears directly on the shipping form.

How is reimbursement made in the event of a claim?

Compliance with the General Conditions of Insurance is the main way to obtain a refund. Please note that the value of the insured goods must be verified by an invoice in the name of the payer of the shipment. Make sure that the package is carefully packed before shipment. Europacco advises that the payer ask the recipient to make sure that the package has arrived intact at its destination. In case of visible damage, it is important that the recipient notes it himself on the proof of delivery and that the delivery person signs it as well. The customer must then inform europacco ([email protected]) within 48 hours of delivery that the shipment has been accepted with specific reservations. The e-mail must include the following data: consignment number and type of damage to the goods. Delayed notification (i.e. beyond the 48 hours provided) will mean the loss of the right to open a complaint file. It is up to europacco to contact you and request the necessary documentation to proceed with opening the file. You will then have an additional 48 hours to provide the documentation requested by Customer Service via e-mail. You must also send photographic material to prove the reported damage and therefore keep the packaging (inside and outside). This material is essential in case of damage.

Shipment tracking

The europacco tracking portal offers customers, regardless of their chosen destination, the ability to track their shipment. The data is constantly updated, ensuring a functioning tracking service. A major advantage of the europacco tracking service is the fact that it provides a unique tracking code. This means that the tracking of the shipment is not affected every time the transport company changes. The goal that europacco has set for itself with this service is to provide accurate tracking of goods through simple digital monitoring. This way you can independently check the status of your shipment 24 hours a day. If you need help or have any other questions, you can always contact the Customer Service by e-mail: [email protected].

Delivery times

You do not know how to send a parcel and you have decided to use europacco? On the official website you can find out about the delivery times for "parcel" shipments. All you have to do is enter the country you want the parcel to be delivered to in the form on the home page. The information provided is indicative and may change due to pickup and delivery locations or unforeseen events. The days count from the time of the actual collection of the goods. If you live in southern Italy, on the islands or in remote areas, you must always allow 2/3 additional working days for transit.

How to send a parcel with Bartolini?

For national parcel shipments, europacco has chosen the services of various courier services, including BRT, SDA, TNT or GLS. Bartolini, now known as BRT, is one of the best known and most used express couriers in Italy. For this reason, more and more people rely on Bartolini for their shipments. In addition to its great success in Italy, which is reflected in its various branches from North to South, the company has become part of the logistics DPD Group. This step has allowed Bartolini to start handling international shipments. For more information about the BRT carrier, please visit the following link:

How to send a parcel with bulky goods?

There are many people who want to ship large goods but have to overcome many hurdles to organize the shipment. Some people do not have the opportunity to personally bring the goods to the post office and therefore give up. Others are denied transportation because the goods exceed the allowed weight and maximum size. With europacco you will not get into trouble. Europacco offers both individuals and companies services that meet all requirements, including the management of large parcels. If the size of the package to be sent or the weight is outside the maximum limits, you can confidently contact our customer service by phone or e-mail and check the proposed solutions. And despite oversize or overweight, the goods will be transported at the usual speed. You can always access the "Shipment Tracking" function to always know where the shipment is. In certain cases, and at the request of the customer, europacco can offer additional paid services such as pickup or delivery by appointment. In addition, depending on the type of goods, it is possible to take insurance or use the "express" service, which provides for short delivery times. Express services are especially useful for companies that need to meet certain deadlines.

Where to go? Info about shipping in Europe and worldwide

How to send a parcel to Europe: the most important instructions

If you have decided to send a parcel outside Italy but within the EU, you do not need customs documents, except for certain destinations such as the Canary Islands. In these cases, the package will be subject to a customs inspection, including a check of the contents if initiated by customs. Consequently, you will need to fill out customs documents, including the Proforma Invoice, the Free Export Declaration and the Declaration. These documents will be e-mailed to you once your order is confirmed. Once completed, you can e-mail them to [email protected] or enclose them with the shipment in a sealed transparent envelope. Europacco works with the best shipping service providers for your European destinations: BRT, FedEx, GLS, UPS and others. Of course, delivery methods vary depending on the courier service contracted.

Organization of shipments outside the EU with europacco

There are many people who need to send parcels to countries outside the EU: Removals, shipments to family members living elsewhere or gifts to friends are some of the main reasons. How to send a parcel in these cases? Whatever the reason, thanks to europacco you can easily organize your shipment. When you access the europacco website, you can fill out the appropriate form with the details of your shipment, including the pickup, delivery and billing address. As for parcels delivered in Italy and EU countries, you are free to choose the pick-up date you want. Once the payment is made by PayPal, credit card or prepaid card, you will receive by e-mail an order confirmation with the waybill or customs documents required for non-EU countries, to be filled in the language of the importing country or an international language. The pro forma invoice must contain a complete list of goods included in the package with a detailed description of each item. Customs regulations can vary greatly from country to country. It is therefore advisable to check these regulations directly with the customs office or via europacco Customer Service by e-mailing [email protected] before booking your shipment.

Shipments to Africa, America, Asia and Oceania

For shipments to Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, europacco uses various courier services, including FedEx and DHL. It is not possible to ship products that are considered dangerous for air freight (or ADR goods). For some products, such as alcoholic beverages, special licenses are required for both export and import to the destination country. Since customs regulations vary from country to country, we always recommend that you first contact the customs authorities of the various countries to which you wish to ship. You can also contact europacco Customer Service for further clarification. We will be happy to assist you by e-mailing [email protected]. Useful note: In order to prevent unfortunate events, you should not send goods that are generally prohibited, unauthorized or prohibited for use in the country of destination, as an inspection with the X-ray machine and the subsequent discovery of unauthorized goods in the package may result in the return of the shipment or, in the worst case, confiscation by customs.


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