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Reliable Standard Shipping with Pickup from Italy

In recent years there has been an exponential increase in the number of companies accustomed to shipping goods outside the territory of Italy. At the same time, a large number of e-shops have sprung up that can receive orders from individuals from all over the world. A lot of Italian citizens have chosen to leave the country, driven mainly for business reasons. As a result, more and more users need to ship packages and documents. And, alas, the postal service is not as fast and reliable as it used to be. What is more, opting for this solution means being willing to waste time leaving your home, looking for parking in the vicinity of the post office, and spending good minutes in line. All this at not inconsiderable cost.

Europacco presents itself as an ideal alternative to the post office, offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to conveniently book fast and secure shipments online. By choosing standard shipping anyone has the opportunity to send parcels, documents and pallets not only to Italy, but also to Europe and every corner of the world.

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Saving money with europacco

The affordability of the service offered by europacco is the result of the high volume of shipments, which has given europacco the opportunity to obtain particularly advantageous conditions from couriers. Taking advantage of standard shipping means seeing your goods and merchandise delivered to your door in perfect condition in the short span of a few days. The couriers that collaborate with europacco, from BRT to GLS to FedEx and UPS, are reputable companies that are experts in handling domestic and international shipments.


How to book a pickup online

To book a home pickup, all you need to do is access the official europacco page and fill out the form on the home page with the required data. Specifically, after choosing between "private" and "company," those who need to send a package will have to indicate the address where the pickup will take place. Entering the billing and delivery address is also required, making sure to include the name that appears on the bell for both the sender and the recipient.


How to detect the weight of a parcel

Another essential piece of information is the weight of the package. To determine the latter, simply sum up the weight of the package itself and the weight of the prepared packaging. Before proceeding, it will have to be verified that the package falls within the indicated weight range (there is a box on the site indicating ranges and their size limits). It is the weight, along with the size and country of destination, respectively pickup that will determine the cost of standard shipping.


Payment and confirmation of standard shipment

Once the online form has been completed, the next step is to confirm the shipment, followed by payment for the service. This can be done, depending on individual preferences, using a credit card, PayPal, prepaid card, AmazonPay or bank transfer. What these methods have in common is the absolute security of the transactions. Once payment has been made, europacco will send an order confirmation e-mail to the customer, with the waybill attached. The latter will be placed in a classic transparent plastic envelope, to be attached to the top of the package, pallet or envelope containing the documents. The pickup will take place on the date indicated by the person who booked the shipment or, if not possible, on the next business day after receipt of the confirmation e-mail.


Packaging tips

As much as the couriers used by europacco are used to devote special care to the packages to be transported, to avoid possible damage to goods and merchandise is a packaging that can provide adequate protection to what is sent. Very useful, in this regard, prove to be the so-called filling materials. They will allow, in fact, to fill the empty spaces inside the box, but also to wrap the most fragile items, stabilizing them. Even goods already packed at the start could benefit from additional packaging. As for the box used, it is recommended to use a new one. Should the intention be to use a recycled one, after verifying that it is in excellent condition, remove previous labels and parts of stickers that may have remained attached.


The transparent tracking service

Europacco is the most economical solution for those looking for a reliable option for non-urgent shipments of personal goods and products, placed in one or more parcels and bound for anywhere in the world. Expected delivery times tend to vary depending on the countries and locations where pickup and delivery will take place. Either way, what allows the shipment to be tracked transparently is the tracking service. To track the shipment in real time, it is necessary to select, on, the "Shipment tracking" section, and enter the indicated number displayed in the subject line of the order confirmation e-mail.


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