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Overview: Send now is your reliable and convenient partner for parcel, pallet and document shipments. Ship your parcel now with europacco!

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Whether you want to ship to Italy or abroad or make an import, will fulfill your wishes. Do you have a special request? Then contact us at [email protected].

Why europacco?

  • Simple
    Fill in the form, print the label and place it on the package. It is now ready for collection.
  • Fast
    You can use the service of without any log-in. This makes package delivery simple and fast.
  • Safe
    There is an option to insure your package for a fee of 1.5 % of the goods value. Further information
  • Trackable
    Keep track of your package by entering the shipping number in the consignment tracking field.
  • Transparency
    We have a clear and simple pricing policy.
  • Reliable
    Your package will be managed with maximum of attention and care. To receive intact all Your merchandise it is important for the goods to be packed properly.
  • Affordable
    Have a look at our competitive pricing.

Process and advantages

Europacco offers the ideal platform for hotels or even other structures. Thanks to, the guest or the hotelier can organize a transport from the place of discovery to the address of the forgetful recipient.

This is how it works

  • You choose destinations, packing type, weight and shipping type. Multiple packages desired? No problem!
  • You enter the pickup and delivery address. If desired, add a separate billing address.
  • You confirm your shipping data on the overview page in the checkout and select one of the various payment methods.
  • And off you go! The invoice recipient receives a confirmation immediately. The sender is sent the transport documents, which must be attached to the package in a way that is safe for shipping.
  • The recipient can track the current location of the shipment at any time thanks to a standardized tracking system.

The advantages

  • Secure and reliable shipping network.
  • Unified tracking system.
  • Convenient prices.
  • Friendly and competent customer service.

The continents of

Sending parcels, pallets and documents

With you can easily handle shipments from Italy to over 200 countries around the world. No matter what your needs are.

You want to send a parcel? On the detail pages you will find all the information, from calculating the weight to filling out the form, packaging and insurance.

For bulkier objects europacco offers pallet shipping, by means of which furniture, sofas, bicycles, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, car tires, spare parts for motorcycles and vehicles, engines, tires, sporting goods, exercise bikes, skis, snowboards and many other objects of larger dimensions can be handled.

But also envelopes are in the shipping portfolio if you want to send contracts, driver's license or any other documents.

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