Ship a computer in a safe way

Shipping a computer

Regardless if for private or business use, a good computer not only increases your job performance, but also rises the level of fun. In addition to the ideal offer for achieving the article and the investment in hard and software parts, there is also another thing to consider: will your precious purchase be shipped without causing any damage? has the goal of transporting your packages from A to B in maximum safety. Together with the shipping, we offer you additional services that can facilitate the management of transport and reduce your stress level. We pay particular attention to each detail, so that no aspect is neglected and everything continues accurately.

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

  • collection at home
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  • insurance

How to send an entire PC safely?

To many, a PC may seem robust and stable. However, many times appearances are deceiving. Inside there are many individual pieces that can be detached or even damaged in case of rough and negligent handling.
Do not be afraid though! By using enough filler material, you can contribute to increase the security of your shipment. Consider that all cards, including the graphic card and the CPU cooling system, are detached parts of the computer and set aside.

Further, fill the PC chassis with newspapers or crumpled wrapping paper so to avoid movements or any kind of vibrations during the transport.
The detached parts must be packed individually using an adequate quantity of wrapping paper. Finally, everything should be placed in a large and stable cardboard, which certainly offers additional space for wrapping paper.

Other services than the mere shipment

Europacco offers you the possibility to organize a fast and convenient parcel shipment all over the world and a pallet shipment within the European Community. Take advantage of choosing a desired pickup date. Sometimes we hear talking about absurd cases, where packages get lost or damaged, if the packaging is not suitable. Thanks to our suggestions, you will be able to properly pack your goods. Furthermore, thanks to the tracking function, you will always be able to locate your shipment and check the status.


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