Furniture shipping

Furniture shipping

Moving made easy

Are you a student looking for a chance to post your furniture to the new place of study? Or are you planning a move for work abroad? At first, a similar task could seem inconvenient and complicated. However, the shipment of furniture via demonstrates the simplicity of this all. is specialized for the shipment of furniture and offers a simple, fast and safe service, which also helps in making your home abroad beginning really welcoming.

How does it work?

Within a few minutes you are able to arrange personally your shipment of furniture. Just get on, choose the "pallet" option and fill out the form with the address and the preferred date of withdrawal. The packed goods will be then withdrawn at the desired date (you can also order the subsequent working day) by your home.

What should I do?

Personally, you need only to arrange the shipment and choose the pickup date. The shipment will be then withdrawn directly from your home.

How should I pack my furniture?

First you need to equip yourself with a commonly practiced pallet. Place the bulky pieces such as sofa, armchair, tables or cabinets on the pallet and fix everything with a durable string. It is important the furniture not to slip during the transport. The composition of the pallet requires a bit of organizational talent: think of the game "Tetris" in order to be able to also take advantage of any intermediate spaces. Sometimes bulky furniture can be easily removed and placed on a pallet.
Warning: The flatbed cannot be exceeded. All furniture should be arranged within the surface and cannot protrude. Moreover, it is recommended to pack the individual pieces with pluriball to prevent any scratches or damage on the surface. For a further protection are also useful paperboard or of foam elements.

How do I send little or large goods?

Smaller furniture pieces can be shipped with our parcel service. Up to a maximum of 190 cm (the sum of length, width and height must not exceed 190 cm) and a maximum weight of 50 kg package shipment can be used. For this type of shipping you can take used cartons or purchased prefabricated cartons in a do-it-yourself center. Even in the parcel shipments a good preparation and an appropriate packaging is requested in order to avoid damages as much as possible. Also with reference to the smallest pieces you can control the ability of disintegration, so as to create added placed inside the package. An additional tip: even if the shipment is carried out by a courier, it is recommended to equip marked individual packages. This can facilitate the provision of the goods in various rooms in the place of destination.


Following the above indication you will not have problems to arrange the of your of your furniture. If you have further questions or wish to arrange very individual shipments, simply contact us via e-mail. The shipment of furniture with specialized will show you the simplicity of sending furniture overseas. Prepare your shipment and tell us when it is ready for the pickup. We take care of the rest! It remains to you only unpacking the goods in your new home.

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