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Only in UK we have for about 55,000 CAP. How could we know all of them? By using the search function of it is easy to find out the postal code of a country or knowing the other of another city. It’s enough to select the country and enter the location and you will receive a list of Postal Codes. Of course, you can also just enter your zip code and see immediately what cities, villages, neighborhoods, districts or streets may belong to it.

The postal code is a combination of numbers or combination of letters and numbers that is part of the address to define the exact location for the delivery of letters, parcels and pallets. Today, these codes are absolutely essential, not only for post offices, but also for private expeditions. In addition, the CAP are also used by other companies in the private sector to outline areas such as in the service industry.

In most countries of the world, these numbers form a hierarchical system. The first digits are often used to divide the country from north to south or east to west. As a result, many companies are using this elaborate zoning for market research or for other business activities. The system is designed to a high standard, the postal code corresponds to the geographical nature of the country. The boundaries of the codes are almost always also real boundaries, such as rivers or roads and almost never exceed insurmountable barriers, such as without bridges rivers.

Gone are the days when postal codes were used only for the delivery of mail or parcels. The search using the ZIP codes on internet is getting more and more both for finding popular shops and compare prices in different zones etc.

The German Empire was the first state in the world to have introduced in 1941 the system of postal code. It was followed in 1963 by the United States of America and a year later also from Switzerland that invoked this system. Nowadays, almost all countries of the world have a system of postal codes, except for some African countries, Yemen, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, the Antarctic and the small island states of the Pacific. Most countries use a system of 4, 5 or 6 digits, some countries also coming up to 10 numbers in their system. Other states, such as United Kingdom, Canada or Argentina utilize also the letters in order to compose their ZIP Codes.

In any conception CAP system there is always a certain number of special cases. For example, large companies have their own postcode. Other numbers have, for example, internal use, as in the case of the center of the devastation of letters.


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