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Sending movies and music is certainly not only possible digitally or online. For enthusiasts, for those for whom in a cozy evening DVD or Blu-ray-Disc cannot miss, or who would like to send their CD collection, there are simple and convenient possibilities. below lists a number of tips and tricks, which are to be taken into consideration, if you want to send your CDs and Blu-ray and be sure that they arrive at destination equally to how they were sent.

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Unlike vinyl records and discs, which ultimately live a real revival, the shipping of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray is much less complicated, since the material is much more robust and is not easily damaged during normal transport. However, each shipment is to be packaged in the appropriate manner, to ensure the safety of the product even during less regular journeys.

The abbreviation CD stands for Compact Disc and it is an optical medium, which was introduced on the market in the early 1980s, to replace cassette and vinyl. The standard dimensions of the disc count a diameter of 120 mm and a weight of 15 grams (Mini-CD: 80 mm, 6.7 g). They are composed of polycarbonate and a sheet of metal and unlike vinyl are not printed, but produced by an injection molding process. The data is stored on a spiral-shaped trace, which runs from inside to outside. Scanning takes place without contact via a laser diode. There are different disk-shaped data carriers, which differ mainly due to their storage capacity: while a CD is able to store 900 MB, a Blu-ray disc can save up to 200 MB.

The data media in the form of a disk are not as delicate as vinyl, since the material is strong enough. Furthermore, small graphs on the surface do not necessarily imply total damage to the product. However, in terms of packaging, attention needs to be paid, in a mood that does not weigh too much pressure on the media and therefore causes the CD to skip.

Which packing material is suitable?

It is advantageous to transport CDs that are sold individually in plastic covers. A basic protection and a part of the packaging material are therefore already present. Normally CDs are sold in so-called "jewelcases", which are quite robust and protect CDs from pressure, heat and dust. For DVDs and Blu-ray discs a new type of packaging has been created, the "Amaray" case (named after the manufacturer) or the finest "keep case", both inspired by the packaging of the old VHS cassettes.

If you want to send CDs or Blu-ray, it is recommended to insert them in specially designed cases, even if they take away space inside the package. Less spacious but with a lower level of protection are simple paper bags, in which CDs can be inserted for transport. If you need to send a larger quantity of CDs, then the use of so-called "cakeboxes" may be appropriate. These can be acquired in different sizes with capacities up to 150 CDs. The disadvantage of cakeboxes: CDs must have precise wording on the surface, to avoid misunderstandings.

How do I send CDs more securely?

The packaging process varies according to the quantity and type of packaging chosen:

  • If you send single CDs in their jewelcases, just insert your CD further into a shipping box (padded with air-bubble polyethylene), or alternatively wrap the jewelcase itself with air-bubble polyethylene and apply the documents transport directly.
  • If you pack your CDs only in paper bags, then it is recommended to use a small and up cardboard, closed with adhesive tape, which increases external stability.
  • For shipments of several CDs, cakeboxes are probably the ideal solution, since CDs are well kept. These are to be placed in a small package, which is closed with adhesive tape and equipped with transport documents.


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