Christmas gifts

Sending presents and Christmas baskets

If you want to send Christmas presents or Christmas baskets in a simple and safe way for your loved ones living far away, then europacco is the option for you. 

We will pick up the presents or Christmas baskets directly from your home and take care of the safe transport until the parcels arrive intact. You are free to choose not only the pick-up location but also the desired date. Europacco is the specialist for your shipments and offers you a simple, fast and safe service, where all you must worry about is the right packaging. Below you can find out what all this entails.

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

  • collection at home
  • shipment tracking
  • insurance

Packing Christmas presents correctly

So that europacco can send your gifts safely and according to your wishes, please make sure that your goods are securely packed. The gift or basket must be placed and secured on a pallet in an upright position. Adhesive tape or even a sturdy rope have always proved very useful for this purpose. If there are loose items, make sure that they are also well tied up. Also make sure that the Christmas presents or baskets are securely fastened and cannot slip.

Once everything is secured, wrap a large piece of bubble wrap around the gifts to prevent any damage during transport. In addition to the film, cardboard or thin foam elements are also suitable. Please ensure that the surface of the pallet is not exceeded. Christmas presents or Christmas baskets should always be fixed inside the pallet surface and under no circumstances should they protrude beyond the edge.

For smaller gifts, parcel shipping is of course also available as an option. Here too, safe packaging for transport plays an important role, as parcels must arrive at their destination safely in the system. For this purpose, choose a sturdy and suitable cardboard box to be covered with bubble or newspaper elements so that your Christmas gift cannot slip inside. Apply enough adhesive tape to close the package and make sure that the transport documents also adhere securely to the package.

It has never been so easy to send Christmas presents or Christmas baskets. In a few minutes you can have your personal gifts sent to you on pallets from Italy all over the European Union or parcels all over the world. 

To use our service please fill in the form online. Choose the shipping method and consider if you want the shipment to be further insured. After entering the recipient's address and yours as sender, you can choose between payment by credit card, Postepay, PayPal or Amazon Pay. Finally, with europacco tracking is always included. 


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