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Europacco offers shipping solutions for over 200 countries around the world. In continuous cooperation with a large number of logistics partners worldwide, we send your parcel, pallet or document in the desired destination. Where should the shipment go? Choose your destination here!

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Europacco operates worldwide: whether you want to send a shipment within the European Union or overseas. We will take care of your shipping needs.

While for shipments from Italy in most of Europe there are no customs duties, for shipments outside the European borders the exact customs regulations must be observed. So if your shipment is going to Africa, America, Asia or Oceania, the appropriate customs documentation must be filled out.

On the five continent pages of you will find all the necessary information on shipping, customs regulations, permissible product groups and insurance. Of course you can also get an overview of all offered shipping destinations.

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Reviews is an online portal based in Bolzano that offers pickups both at individuals and companies, and deliveries all over the world, thanks to the collaboration with the best courier and transport companies.

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