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How do I fill in the form correctly?

Filling in the form correctly

Fill in the form according to the following criteria:
Choose "private" or "business", depending on whether your package is to be collected from a private or business address.
Write the name and address of the residence where the courier is supposed to collect the package. Please note: Write the name on the doorbell in this field, so that the courier can find it quickly. Please add an email address and phone number, in order to agree on a collection appointment if necessary.

In case the address differs from the billing address, click on "yes". Afterwards you can enter your invoice data. We also need your tax ID number for invoicing.
Fill in the field with the recipient's address and use the name on the doorbell.
Insert the weight of your parcel. It is possible to insure your parcel, too. Please find further information here Finally, you accept the terms and conditions and confirm the order.

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