Frequently Asked Questions

What am I not allowed to send?

Goods that are not allowed to be sent by express courier

The following goods are not permitted for shipment with money, gold, antiques, spirits, stamps and other tokens, precious metals, firearms, alcohol, plants, drugs, works of art, precious stones, fur, expensive watches, animals, explosives, food, perishable goods, obscene and pornographic materials, coal and industrial diamonds, bank cheques, tobacco, traveler's cheques, goods that are illegal in the destination country. reserves the right to refuse shipment of packages and goods that are not compliant with these guidelines. In any case refuses collection of dangerous goods, such as flammable, explosive, hazardous, radioactive or toxic substances, infectious or magnetic materials in accordance with the limitations set by the European Agreement concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by road (Italian law 1839/62) and IATA. Additional charges will be incurred for package exceeding weight and size limits. Charges may be pressed as a result of any violation of these rules.

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