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In Belgium, the State mail was founded in 1830. De Post-La Poste was taken in 2006 by a consortium led by the Danish post office. A few years later, the post of Denmark returned its investments. Currently, the postal service of the country is conducted by the state of Belgium, together with CVC Capital Partners, who own half the shares. The other half is divided as follows: 0.46% of the shares are in the possession of the employees of the mail and the 49.57% is in free float. The January 1st 2010, De Post-La Poste changed its name in Bpost. Since June 2013, the shares of this are listed on the Euro Bpost Euronext Brussels. A year later, the company was included in the BEL20, a stock index on the Euronext stock exchange, which includes 20 of the largest public companies of Belgium.

Belgian postal codes

Belgium has a system of ZIP code to 4 digits. The first two digits define the city and divided at the same time the country in various postal zones. It begins with 10 to Brussels, we continue towards the northeast clockwise until Eeklo that begins with 99. The last two numbers determine the post office of the target area. However, postal codes are not always; necessariamnete; exactly with the boundaries of the municipalities.

Important Postal Codes in Belgium

Below there is a list of important ZIP codes in Belgium:

  • 1000: Brussels Centre
  • 1020: Brussels-Laken
  • 1070: Anderlecht
  • 1120: Brussels Neder-Over-Heembeek
  • 1130: Brussels Haren
  • 1400: Nivelles
  • 1410: Waterloo
  • 1500: Halle
  • 1600: Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
  • 1700: Dilbeek
  • 1800: Vilvoorde
  • 2000: Antwerp
  • 2018: Antwerp
  • 2020: Antwerp
  • 2030: Antwerp
  • 2040: Antwerp
  • 2050: Antwerp
  • 8000: Bruges, Koolkerke

The postal code of the European Parliament is the 1047, the postal code of the EU Council and the European Council (Consilium) is 1048, the postal code of the European Commission is 1049. 1110 is the postcode of NATO. If the ZIP code you want is not listed, please use our postal codes searching.
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