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In Canada, the first attempts of the postal service dates back to the year 1693. The immigrant Portuguese Pedro da Silva brought a package or a bundle of letters from Montreal in Quebec against a payment of 20 Sou. In this way, da Silva states as the first courier in Canada, fact also for which was also honored. The stamp that was then released in 2003, was dedicated entirely to him. In 1763, Benjamin Franklin developed the first system of mail for private individuals. After one year from this, he introduced the first stamp.
The Canadian postal code are called in the local language Postal Code or Code Postal. They correspond to the following diagram: A0A 0A0. "A" stays for a letter and "0"for a digit.

The system

The first letter defines the region parting from the west and going straight to the east. The letters, in alphabetic order, correspond to the following regions:

A Terranova
B Nova Scotia
C Prince Edward Islanda
E New Brunswick
G Québec East
H Montreal e Laval
J West Québec
K Ontario-East
L Ontario Center
M Greater Toronto
N West Ontario
P Northern Ontario
R Manitoba
S Saskatchewan
T Alberta
V British Columbia
X Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Y Yukon

Some letters have not been assigned because of the great risk of confusion. Secondly, large cities have the numbers from one to nine. Other rural areas have a zero at this point.
The letter that is in the third place, for urban areas, represents the precise district and for the rural areas, represents the fraction for precise delivery.
The second part of the postal codes are specific to cities and refers for example to the block, the company or authority. In rural areas, post offices are usually in alphabetical order.
The letters D, F, I, O, Q and U are never used in postal codes.

Important ZIP Canada

Ottawa has the K0A ZIP - K4C postal code, the state of the Toronto has the M1B - M9W postal code assigned, Vancouver has the postal code V5K - V6Z and Montreal is characterized by H0H - H9X. If the ZIP code you want is not listed, please use our links to search for postal codes.

Send to Santa Claus

Canada is the state with the biggest Christmas postal traffic in the world. Want to send a letter to Santa? Use the address of Santa Claus, North Pole HOH OHO. The North Pole is an imaginary place for children and postal code has arisen because of the similarity of HO HO HO.

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