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The Postal Code System in Lithuania

The postal codes of Lithuania consist of five digits. There are not only delivery and PO Box numbers but also postal codes for major customers. Additionally, the various post offices have their own postal codes.

Lithuanian Postal Codes

In rural areas, several villages share the same postal code, whereas in larger cities, a postal code may cover only a few streets. The lowest numbers are reserved for post offices. These postal codes were used during the Soviet Union era. After the collapse, the postal codes were retained, but the first two digits, which originally stood for Lithuania, were omitted.

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General Information about Lithuania

The Republic of Lithuania is a parliamentary democracy in the Baltic region and a member of the European Union. Within the EU, no customs documents are necessary. Letters, parcels, and pallets are not checked at the border. However, to prevent illegal shipments, they are scanned and checked randomly. Since the end of the Soviet Union, Lithuania's population has been steadily decreasing, mainly due to emigration. The most popular destinations are the United Kingdom and Ireland. Lithuania is a popular holiday destination, especially for Russians. The capital Vilnius and the water castle in Trakai are among the country’s must-see places.


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