Luxembourg’s Postal Codes

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Postcode system in Luxembourg

Luxembourg's postal codes consist of four digits. The first number defines the region, but not according to the political division of the country. The numbers one and two are used for the capital of Luxembourg, the areas that are located to the south of the capital having assigned the number three, the zones around Esch are defined with the digit four, and with five: areas in the southeast of the country. Six is used for the north-east of the country, seven for the north of the capital, eight on the western part of the country and nine defines the areas in the north. Small countries have only a postal code instead of the big cities that have a zip code for each street. Major customers such as large companies, have their own postcodes. The postal code of the city of Luxembourg is included between 1009 and 2999. If you are looking for a specific postal code, we recommend you to use our search for the ZIP codes.

The Post in Luxembourg

The company Posts and Telecommunications P & T Luxembourg was founded in 1842. It was renamed Luxembourg Post and since 1992 is a state company and market leader in postal services and telecommunications. Currently there are over one hundred post offices and postal stores. In addition, the mail also offers financial services. The company employs approximately 4 000 employees and it's the fourth largest employer in the country.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the only country ruled by a Grand Duchy. The country is a parliamentary democracy in the form of a constitutional monarchy and is also a member of the EU. Within the EU, there are not required customs documents. Letters, parcels and pallets are not checked at the border. Instead of preventing illegal shipments, they are analyzed and checked randomly.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world with an area of 2586 km square. In the capital, Luxembourg, there is the administrative headquarters of the European Union, the European Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors. Luxembourg is experiencing a strong population growth, mainly due to immigration. In 2013 the proportion of foreigners was 44.5%, including mainly Portuguese, French, Italians, Belgians and Germans. Three languages are officially recognized in Luxembourg: the Luxembourg, German and French.


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