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Postal Codes of Slovakia

Czechs and Slovaks postal codes were introduced in 1973 in Czechoslovakia and are valid still today. The first digit of the postal code system corresponds to the old borders of Czechoslovakia in 1960. In Czech, the postal code is called Poštovní směrovací číslo and Poštové smerovacie číslo in Slovenian. They are managed by Českà pošta and Slovenskà pošta and consist of five digits as xxx yy. The first two numbers represent the geographical division. The postal codes start with a digit to define the area more to the west of the country and then go crescendo towards the east of the country. The Slovak ZIP code starts with zero or nine. Postal codes beginning with zero represent the central or eastern part of Slovakia, while nine represents Western countries.

Here you will find a detailed list of cheaters neighborhoods:
1 Hlavní město Praha
2 Středočeský kraj
3 Jihočeský kraj and kraj Zapadocesky
4 Severocesky kraj
5 Vychodocesky kraj and the South Moravian Region
6 South Moravia
7 Severomoravsky kraj
8 Bratislava Region, Slovakia
9 Zàpadoslovenský kraj and kraj Stredoslovenský (western part), Slovakia
0 Stredoslovenský kraj (eastern) and Vychodoslovensky kraj, Slovakia

The ZIP of Bratislava is between 00 800 and 00 899, and zip code Presov is 080 01. If the postal code you're looking for is not listed, we suggest you to use our ZIP codes searching.

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