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General Information

Shipping from Denmark to Italy saving money

Placidly nestled within the Jutland peninsula and characterized by the presence of a very large number of islands (the main ones being Sjælland, Funen and Falster), Denmark, also includes 500 other small islands located in the Baltic Sea. It is this sea, along with the North Sea (located to the east), that separates Denmark from the other countries of the Scandinavian peninsula. Bordered to the south by Germany, it has in Copenhagen its splendid capital, housed on the island of Sjælland and distinguished by such a well-known symbol as the statue of the "Little Mermaid," a protagonist in Nyhavn harbor. Other famous cities include Odense, birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and Skagen. The Scandinavian region (in addition to Denmark it includes Sweden, Finland and Norway) appears dynamic, open and innovative. And the economies of these countries have for several years been appreciated for their openness to international trade. Anyone who is in Denmark, as a simple citizen or entrepreneur, can now count on the services offered by europacco to safely send a parcel to Italy at economical prices.

How many Italians reside in Denmark?

While "Made in Italy" enjoys many admirers on Danish soil, the domestic market is free, innovative and structured in a way that encourages the development of entrepreneurial activities. Over the past 15 years there has been an exponential growth in the number of Italians who have taken up residence in Denmark. From just over 4,000 of our fellow citizens, it has risen to more than 10,000. Those moving are mainly young people in their 20s and 30s seeking employment. Those who, after arriving at their destination, choose to stay in Denmark for a period longer than 3 months, will have to have a CPR number, which is the Danish tax code, the equivalent of the Italian tax code. This is an essential document that allows, among other things, to arrange tax payments, receive benefits, open a bank account or take advantage of various government services.

The most in-demand jobs in the Danish territory

While males have a variety of opportunities to find work in hotels, catering or construction, females are often hired as teachers. Other figures in demand are blue-collar workers (unskilled or skilled) and healthcare workers. Several Italian companies with branches in the Scandinavian country or individuals living in Copenhagen or other cities may have an urgent need to ship a package to Italy. Thanks to europacco, they can book online the shipment of a parcel up to 40 kg within minutes by simply filling out the form there.

Why are several Italians moving to Denmark?

Italians are concentrated (3 out of 4 Italians) in the Sjælland region, Copenhagen and its hinterland. While job opportunities are what attract singles, families who have moved to Denmark benefit from numerous tax breaks and government services designed for those with children. Families with accompanying offspring are also entitled to five weeks of paid vacation during the year, and 12 months of maternity (and paternity) leave. Considering, however, that both parents generally work, a state-subsidized public and private care system has been set up. The education system is also free, including universities. Those who already reside in this country will be able to confirm how the quality of life is very high, particularly in the larger cities. Also worth mentioning is the excellent welfare system, which, not surprisingly, accounts for more than 50 percent of state expenditures. And while it is true that Copenhagen ranks among the most expensive destinations in the Old Continent and beyond, it is necessary to consider how purchasing power is high. Those who work, as a result, have no problem in meeting their expenses.


What Italy imports from Denmark

While Italy mainly imports pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural and fish products, exports are for equipment and machinery, clothing and motor vehicles. Since Denmark belongs to the European Union, those who intend to move here (to live and work) need only be in possession of a passport or ID card. Equally, those who need to ship a parcel from Denmark to Italy do not need any special documents. europacco's Customer Service is fully available to offer the necessary support in arranging the transportation.


How to prepare a parcel to be shipped to Italy

Europacco, in order to offer users a quality service, has chosen to cooperate, since the beginning of its adventure in the field of shipping, with internationally renowned couriers. Thanks to the latter, any shipment will be not only fast, but also safe. In any case, the distance of about 2,000 km separating the Italian peninsula and the Scandinavian country means that parcels face a long journey. For this reason, it is important to prepare solid and accurate packaging. It is best to first use a new box that can provide adequate space for each item. It will also be necessary to interpose polystyrene or bubble wrap between the walls of the box and the contents, making sure to fill in the empty spaces: it will be prevented from moving the goods or goods during the journey, thus obviating damage caused by any knocks or vibrations resulting from possible external shocks. By choosing europacco, those who reside in Denmark, or have a business in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Odense, Roskilde, can send what they want to Italy at a highly competitive price. Booking on europacco's site will also mean limiting time wasted searching for the courier that best suits your needs.

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