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General information

Trade relations between France and Italy

Sending a parcel from France with destination Italy is quite simple today. Being part of the European Union, the transalpine country has forged relationships with an increasing number of Italian companies. And being within the EU, trade has benefited from the existing free trade agreement; it is the latter that allows goods to move freely between member states. France is recognized worldwide as an excellent exporter of valuable goods, which are complemented by a multitude of products and services. Exerting great appeal in other European countries are mainly automobiles, aircraft, cosmetics and pharmaceutical items, products from the chemical, industrial and agricultural sectors (in exports, France is the second largest after the United States). France and Italy are used to "exchanging" goods. For the Italian peninsula, not surprisingly, the transalpine country is the third largest trading partner, preceded only by Germany and China.

What costs to consider before choosing who to entrust the shipping?

A significant percentage of goods and merchandise shipped from France to other European states, including Italy, takes place on the road network. The latter, at least in its main arteries, is in good condition along the entire French territory, making transportation faster. In assessing the costs associated with a shipment from France, transportation costs and costs associated with handling (in the case of goods) and crossing customs are to be evaluated. It should be remembered how some costs are by their nature bound to fluctuate throughout the year. Consider, for example, the price of fuel, which is truly difficult to predict. Regardless of the French city where the package is to be picked up, and the Italian location chosen as the destination, europacco guarantees extremely competitive rates. By relying on europacco you can be sure to see parcels cover important distances safely. Customers also have at their disposal both real-time tracking and, if they wish, goods insurance services.

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How to ship from France with europacco?

Before booking the shipping service on europacco's site, it is necessary to keep in mind that, unlike sending from Italy to another European country, reverse shipping is only available for parcels (thus excluding pallets and documents). Also varying are maximum weight (40 kg) and dimensions (longest side of 100cm and second and third longest sides not exceeding 55cm). Regarding the documentation required for order submission, the sender is required to fill out a special form and give confirmation, then print out the transport document.

Online form: what data does it report?

The first information to be given concerns the sender's address. The choice will be between private or business; the name, address or company name where the package will be picked up should then be entered. Also useful is the addition of the telephone number (which europacco will be able to use if necessary). If the address provided for pickup is different from the billing address, it will be necessary to indicate this in an appropriate form. Having completed the form with the tax code and delivery address, and entered the weight of the package, it will remain only to choose the date of the pickup. Once the shipping and billing information has been entered, all that remains is to select in the checkout area the desired payment method from those displayed (credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, MyBank and Sofort). The data of anyone who decides to make payments directly on the europacco site turn out to be adequately protected from fraud attempts.

Restrictions on imports from France

We have already mentioned how France is an EU member and, as such, falls within the group of countries that guarantee goods full freedom of movement in and out of the country-all without importers having to pay duties and customs charges. However, it should be remembered how certain restrictions on certain goods and other limitations that take into consideration the quantities of goods that can be imported might apply. Exemplifying, someone who wants to import wine from France will be forced to pay excise taxes, and this applies to alcohol and tobacco, among others. A person wishing to have wine shipped to Italy for personal use, specifically, should be aware of how 90 liters is the maximum importable amount.

Documents required to ship a package from French territory to Italy

The transport of goods in the EU territory, involving two cities in the same country or having sender and consignee belonging to different states, does not require the adoption of particular documents. The waybill is the only document that is really necessary. The same document contains summary data related to the shipment; thus, it could deal with the weight and dimensions of the package, the departure and arrival addresses, the courier assigned to transport and the number of packages. The transport document should be duly attached to the shipment and the proof of pickup made for the driver to sign.


Shipping goods and personal property

Limited to considering imports, France, as a volume of trade, is Italy's third largest supplier. But in addition to trade, many private individuals are also on a daily basis looking for the best deals to save on shipping goods from French to Italian territory. There is no single reason, as reasons include business transfers, vacations, sending urgent documents, or gifts to be delivered to relatives and friends residing in our country.

Shipping a suitcase from France

Even when the object of the shipment is not personal goods, such as clothing and books or goods sent by a company or e-shop, but of a suitcase, it is essential to ensure the suitability of the packaging. The steps involved in properly packing a suitcase are simple. You will need to equip yourself with wrapping paper or, alternatively, bubble wrap, to be used before placing the suitcase in a cardboard box to wrap the luggage and taking care to create multiple layers. Such internal protection will prove useful in case the package is subjected to accidental bumps. Returning to the box, this should be intact and durable. Should the choice fall on a box that has already been used, check the surface for barcodes or old labels. After finishing preparing the package, it is advisable to seal the openings and lay layers of tape near the corners. The last step will be to apply the LDV to the package, making sure it is clearly visible and legible.

Shipping from France to Italy
Shipping from France to Italy
Shipping from France to Italy
Shipping from France to Italy
Shipping from France to Italy


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