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General Information

Italians in Greece: how to handle shipments destined in Italy?

Italians who moved to Greece a few years ago have most likely forgotten the cold and rainy weather typical of our country's winter season. In the Hellenic state, in fact, temperatures remain mild even in December and January, so much so that in many areas heating is never used inside homes. While Greece was home to more than 11,000 Italians in 2017, this figure has gradually increased, especially since it has been possible to move as retirees while enjoying particularly advantageous conditions. Our compatriots living in Athens or other Greek locations often need to send a suitcase, a package containing gifts or clothes they no longer wear in their home country. Making the shipment convenient, fast and secure will be europacco, specialized in domestic and international shipping.


Valid reasons for moving to Greece

When compared with Italian taxation, Greek taxation is much less "invasive." And this advantageous element is added to the decidedly low cost of living. Estimates repute it to be 20-30% lower than the cost of living in other European states. The most convenient areas of Greece, in any case, are the rural areas. Reaching the Hellenic territory is quick and easy, as it is possible to do so either on board a plane or by using a ship. Therefore, many Italians choose to stay in Greece for a vacation. Once they arrive at their destination, some of them immediately appreciating the obvious similarities between Italy and Greece, not only on a cultural level, are inclined to stay. There are many Greeks who speak the Italian language, starting with those who have traveled to our peninsula in the past to study. In addition to the cultural connection, trade relations between Italy and Greece are also very important. Currently, our country represents the first market for Hellenic exports, as well as occupies second place in terms of imports. In fact, not a few Italian companies have invested in recent years in the energy sector and in the telecommunications and infrastructure sectors: sectors united by their obvious strategic importance. Recently there has also been a growth of the Italian presence in the logistics sector and an evident demand for young people with adequate knowledge in the IT sector.

Italian retirees in Greece

While Portugal is a particularly attractive nation for retirees, it should be kept in mind that Greece also shares many commonalities with Portugal, primarily very low taxes and high incentives for retirees. Law No. 4714/2020 grants any retiree from abroad who decides to move to Greece tax residency at a tax rate of 7 percent. Incidentally, Greece is home to many branches of Italian banks, which makes it possible to have one's pension credited on time.

Documents needed to stay in the Hellenic territory

Italians seeking employment in other countries, who plan to move to Greek territory need only to make sure that they have with them a valid document such as an ID card, European driver's license or passport. Coming from another state of the European Union, there are no special limitations regarding staying in Greece. There is only one formality: the residence permit. It is best to provide for its application before 90 days have passed since arrival on Greek territory. And if the connection with Italy is particularly close and exchanges of personal goods with friends and relatives are frequent, europacco is the ideal partner for making affordable shipments.


Italian students: how to send books from Greece to Italy

Most Italians who have chosen Greece as a place to live reside on the islands, taking advantage of lower rental expenses. The number of Italians is highest in Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Paros, Kos, Zakynthos, Lesbos and Santorini. But it is not uncommon to also find traditionally more chic areas capable of offer low rental prices. Greece is also home to quite many students from the Italian peninsula. Whether in Greece for a bachelor's or master's degree, after successfully going through an exam session, every student may need to free up space by sending the books to Italy. Europacco gives you the possibility to do this quickly by booking your shipment online with just a few clicks. All you need is to pack the goods properly and make sure they stay still inside the package. The key is to use an appropriately box, although it is not always possible to find the perfect one. In such cases, simply fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap or, alternatively, newsprint. If you want to provide protection for the books from humidity, then wrap each volume in plastic film or always place them individually in tightly sealed plastic bags. Bookstores are used to provide packing materials and often do so free of charge.

Parcel shipping and tracking service by europacco

Collecting a pension check can be a good opportunity to send gifts to Italian relatives. By relying on europacco, even those who have always sent through the postal service have an equally secure, and significantly faster, service at their disposal. Europacco allows you to track the shipment simply by entering the reference number (received when confirming the order) in the "Tracking" field. And, the recipients of the shipment, again thanks to tracking, can know when the delivery will take place.


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