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General Information

Shipping from Hungary to Italy with europacco

A state in the east-central part of the Old Continent and a member of the European Union since spring 2004, Hungary borders Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia. Located just over 1250 km from the Italian border, it has its capital in Budapest. Divided into two parts (Buda and Pest) by the Danube River, Budapest is characterized by historic buildings with obvious medieval overtones, starting with Buda Castle, located on a hill. Also in Budapest, it is easy to find neoclassical-style buildings and attractions, such as the Chain Bridge. Other well-known locations in Hungary, where mostly young people, entrepreneurs and retirees from Italy reside, are Pécs, Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc and Sopron. The Hungarian population is composed, in the largest percentage, of Magyars. The remaining part is divided into ethnic minorities, among which, the most important consisting of rom ethnic group. Although the Italians to have moved for various reasons to Hungary are not many, the economic growth of recent years and the incentives arranged by the Hungarian government, have increased the flow by so much. Those who have moved alone or have close ties to their family of origin may often find themselves in the situation of having to send something to Italy. Europacco, in this regard, offers secure shipping services at unbeatable prices with easy online order booking.


Budapest: destination of most Italians reaching Hungary

Italians who choose to move to Budapest are greeted by one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, not surprisingly named the "Pearl of the Danube." At the same time, the capital as well as Hungary itself deserve to be included in a hypothetical ranking of Europe's most affordable destinations. Having a solid and diversified economic structure, the Hungarian territory offers various possibilities to anyone seeking employment. People who arrive in Hungary with their load of hopes and, at the same time, with suitcases full of clothes and items they plan to use, once they decide to stay there, often find themselves having to send back to Italy part of what they brought with them. In this sense, europacco is the right solution. In fact, in just a few steps it will be possible to place your order online. In addition to the weight and size of the package, you will need to pay attention to the goods being shipped, as well as the packaging that has been prepared. Once the online payment is arranged, the shipment will be confirmed.


The tax advantages of residing on the territory of Hungary

Hungary, as indicated, offers multiple tax benefits. In fact, several important incentives have been adopted over the past few years, and it is thanks to them that we have seen the arrival of young people and companies from other parts of Europe, including Italy. The general rule, in terms of taxation, sees the application of the principle of self-assessment. Moreover, being an EU member, Hungary benefits from a harmonized VAT, customs and excise regime. In fact, investing in Hungary means benefiting from tax advantages, with a low corporate income tax base, which is accompanied by incentives, especially aimed at those who invest in research and development. Also steadily decreasing is the tax burden on employment.

The sectors with the greatest job opportunities

For the past few years, the phenomenon known as the "brain drain," now also known in Italy, has taken place in Hungary. What has happened has led Budapest and other major Hungarian localities, to need qualified resources in numerous sectors, starting with the one that offers Business Process Outsourcing opportunities. Renowned companies in communications, finance and customer service operate within it. Job opportunities are also not lacking in the construction sectors and, for those who know English, in the field of language teaching. Among the most famous companies with offices in Hungary may be mentioned Morgan Stanley, BT telecommunications London, IBM, Nestlé, Vodafone, Nokia, and Ericsson.


Italian companies in Hungary and shipping goods to Italy

Also important in Hungary is the presence of Italian companies, with names such as Calzedonia, Fiat, Selex and Ferrero. In 2019, the number of companies in our country amounted to about 2900, providing employment for more than 26000 employees and with a total turnover of nearly 3.4 billion euros. Of these, one-third active in wholesale and retail trade, and the others divided between manufacturing, real estate or engaged in professional services. There are 25 to 30 companies moving to Hungary on a monthly basis. Taxation of 9 percent, which drops to 4.5 percent if investing in research and development, is a good reason to try your luck abroad. There are also no withholding taxes on interest and dividends. Most entrepreneurs from Italy head medium- and small-sized companies. The capital is home to more than two-thirds of Italian and non-Italian companies, followed next by the city of Budaörs. B2B interchange with Italy is key; both finished and semi-finished products come from Hungary. But it is also several Hungarian e-shops that send their items to private recipients in Italy. The extensive transport network available to europacco allows anyone booking a shipment with europacco to take advantage of home pickup with continuous tracking of the transport until delivery. The insurance service can also be arranged online at the time of ordering. In this sense, it will be sufficient to indicate the value of the goods in the "insurance value" field, up to a maximum insurable amount of 1,500 euros.


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