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General information

Ireland and the Italians: a relationship that mostly involves young people

Ireland is historically divided into two "parts." The first, Northern Ireland, with capital Belfast, belongs to the United Kingdom. The remaining part of the territory, namely the Republic of Ireland (with capital Dublin), on the other hand, represents a state independent of the United Kingdom and, as such, part of Europe. With the "Brexit," Britain's exit from the European Union, many things are about to change (a final agreement with Ireland has not yet been reached) as far as exports and imports are concerned. What has happened has ended up putting Northern Ireland on a de facto equal footing with any member state of the Union, at least in the trade sphere. For some time now, relations between Italy and Ireland have been rather close: not so much in terms of trade, but at least in terms of the presence of our compatriots in these territories. There are in fact many Italian families who have children in Ireland for work or study, and this has resulted in a growth in the number of daily shipments between the two countries. This is where europacco, an Italian company specializing in shipping packages, pallets and documents, comes in. Europacco, through its online portal, organizes fast and secure parcel shipments from Ireland (up to a maximum of 40 kg per package).

Ireland's top cities for Italians

The Irish city to host the most Italians is Dublin; and it is in Dublin, a cosmopolitan metropolis capable of attracting tourists and businessmen alike, that one of the country's most important airports is located. Popular locations include Galway, its "cultural capital," Cork, a seaport of historic importance located to the south, and Killarney, a tourist center that serves as an ideal gateway to lakes and parks. Those who have moved to these cities for study or work and need to send a package to relatives or friends in Italy, can entrust shipping to europacco, an expert in domestic and international shipping. By connecting to, arranging to send a parcel from Ireland will be simple, safe and inexpensive. The rates applied are transparent and, as such, allow users to check the total price of the service as early as when placing the order.

Working in Ireland and working with reliable couriers to ship to Italy

Ireland, in 2016, was home to nearly 12,000 Italian nationals. A figure that has increased further, confirming the growth shown in the previous five-year period. A good 20 percent of those who chose to come to Ireland are employed in tourism; services see many Italians employed as cooks or catering assistants. A slightly smaller percentage, 18 percent, work as programmers or software developers. What drives people, young people in the first place, to leave Italy in favor of Ireland in search of fortune, in addition to the existing opportunities, is the country's innate charm. Europacco wanted to meet the diverse needs of individuals and companies by ensuring fast and safe deliveries to and from Ireland. And it has done so by entering into agreements with proven international couriers, such as DHL, managing to keep rates down to the benefit of those who choose europacco.


Sending a gift to Italy from Ireland: why send a parcel with europacco

An unspoiled land, rich in greenery, characterized by a mild climate and culturally close to Italy. These are just some of the reasons that led several Italians, once they left Ireland, to experience what has been called "Ireland-sickness." It is no coincidence that there are communities on social networks focused on music, culture and other aspects of Ireland. That is why not a few Italians have chosen, after spending a few weeks in this wonderful green country, to stay there to live, perhaps in search of employment. Those who have not seen friends or family for quite some time often give in to the temptation to send them a gift, such as typical Irish food products with a long shelf life. Thanks to europacco, those who intend to ship without complications can get an idea of shipping costs by simply entering the country of pickup (in this case Ireland), country of delivery (Italy), weight and size of each package in the online form. All that will remain is to select the date for pickup before giving confirmation, concluding with payment by credit card, Postepay and PayPal. A truly intuitive procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete.

A vacation to Italy without luggage with you? How to pack a suitcase before sending it off

As much as Ireland is a welcoming country with truly amazing nature offerings, Italy is still Italy. Our compatriots who wish to return to their homeland for a few days of well-deserved vacation from work or study, but don't want to carry bulky luggage (heavy to handle and subject to restrictions when traveling by air) have a viable alternative in europacco, both economically and in terms of practicality. Before conveniently booking your shipment online on europacco's user-friendly platform, however, it is necessary to pack your suitcase in the right way. Otherwise, despite the care taken by couriers, bumps or jolts could damage what is placed inside. First, the packing stage should begin by placing the suitcase in an upright position. After wrapping it with suitable material such as foil, it is a good idea to secure the latter with tape. Another effective way to safely ship luggage is to place it inside a box, choosing an appropriate size and filling in any gaps with bubble wrap. Whichever option you choose, the waybill should be placed in a clear plastic envelope, carefully attached to the suitcase.


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