Shipping from the Netherlands to Italy

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Shipping from the Netherlands to Italy

Shipping from the Netherlands to Italy: how many Italians take advantage of it?

Although located largely in Europe, the Netherlands is identified by many with "Holland" alone. The latter however includes only 2 of the 12 provinces. The "European" part of the Netherlands (thus excluding the Caribbean Netherlands) has Belgium and Germany as its borders, located in the south and east, respectively. The north, on the other hand, borders the North Sea. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, known to Italians as a decidedly liberal city. Not surprisingly, a great many of our countrymen choose it as a weekend destination. But several young people and others have moved permanently (or for long periods of time) to the Netherlands in search of work. According to data provided by the Italian Registry of Residents Abroad (the A.I.R.E.), Italians residing in the Netherlands have exceeded 50,000. Most are concentrated in the 5 most populated cities, namely Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht, often returning to visit Italy. On the other hand, traveling by air, in less than 4 hours it will be possible to reach our Peninsula. If your commitments do not allow you to indulge in a vacation in Italy you still can send parcels to our country by entrusting shipments to europacco. To book the shipment, simply connect to the site and fill out the online form (found on the home page) with the few required information (country of departure and destination, weight and size of the package). Once the price of the service is displayed and the reservation is confirmed, payment can be made by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal. Europacco will send an order confirmation e-mail containing the DDT. The transport document received must be printed, placed in a transparent plastic envelope and attached to the package. One of the couriers affiliated with europacco will arrange for the pickup of the goods on the date indicated by the customer when placing the order.

The most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known, in the labor field, for the existence of professions that require highly specialized personnel and, consequently, employees and collaborators capable of distinguishing themselves with the appropriate level of education. It is not surprising, therefore, the large number of Italian researchers who decide to move to Dutch territory each year with the intention of pursuing their research there. The most in-demand professions are doctors, biologists, chemists and obstetricians. There is also no shortage of job opportunities for architects, engineers, legal professionals, financial analysts, programmers and systems engineers. People with no employment in Italy and no educational qualification can still find work in the Netherlands as logistics workers or warehouse workers. People residing abroad often need to make shipments to their home country, either as private individuals or for work purposes. People residing in the Netherlands looking for freight forwarders who can complete the delivery as quickly as possible have a reliable option at their fingertips in europacco. The Italian company uses a convenient online site and offers an effective shipment tracking system. In this way, any parcel leaving the Netherlands for Italy will be tracked from the moment it is picked up until it is delivered to Italy. All you need to do to get information about where the shipment is at any given time is to enter the relevant shipment number in the "Shipment Search" field.


A gift from the Netherlands? Tips on souvenirs to send to Italy

The Netherlands has been awarded the fifth happiest country on the planet by the "World Happiness Report 2019." What attracts tourists who flock to the Netherlands' major cities all year round is its rich cultural and historical heritage. Bearing witness to this, among others, is the Amsterdam, nicknamed the "Dutch Venice" and famous, in addition to its nightlife, for its canals and the famous Red Square. During a vacation in the Netherlands, a stop at the Waterloo market, the floating flower market "Blumenmarket," the "Koukenhof" park and the souvenir stores located in Dam Square is "a must." A gift for those left waiting in Italy? Typical and useful, are the traditional clogs that enjoy more than 800 years of history. In fact, their existence dates to the 12th century. And it is practically impossible to return home without also taking some cheese with you. Holland is one of the world's leading exporters, so much so that it reserves 70 percent of its annual production of 700,000 tons abroad, from Gouda to Edam to Maasdam. Thanks to europacco, in a matter of minutes anyone can book a parcel pickup from one of the cities in the Netherlands where he or she resides, and have it delivered within a few days to the desired Italian location. On europacco's official website, it is possible to read tips on packing long-life food products or other souvenir items to thus arrange for proper protection.

Sending fragile objects from the Netherlands: how to protect them?

There are many Italians who love to enrich their home environments with small ceramic objects. And the unique cobalt finish, commonly known as "Delft Blue," is what characterizes Delft pottery, made since the 16th century in the city of the same name, located near The Hague. An Italian resident of the Netherlands looking for an original gift to send to Italy has in jugs, plates and figurines an excellent option for an elegant souvenir. E-shops dealing in Delft ceramics, or needing to have glasses, porcelain, paintings and other fragile objects shipped to Italy from the Netherlands, also have in europacco a point of reference for fast and safe shipping. Any fragile items should be placed in a box that is rigid and sturdy but, at the same time, large enough to add internal protection (items should not move inside the box). Using a roll of bubble wrap to wrap individual items with multiple layers is a must and one of many steps to consider for proper packing. Having placed all items inside the boxes, add sufficient inner packing material. In this area, in addition to bubble wrap, you can also use styrofoam, foam rubber, cellulose, crumpled newspaper pages, and more. The goal will be to fill all empty spaces.


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