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General Information

Send a parcel from Portugal to Italy with europacco

Every year thousands of tourists choose to spend their vacations in Portugal, a fascinating country where historical attractions and natural wonders are in perfect harmony. A great number of Italians also have Portugal as a favorite destination; in addition to spending their vacations, a significant number of young people travel to Portugal in search of interesting job opportunities. Also coming from our peninsula are several retirees, who see in Lisbon, Madeira or the Azores, the ideal destination to spend the last phase of their lives peacefully. Also worth noting is the presence in the Southern European country of several major Italian multinationals such as Ferrero, Benetton, Agusta Westland and Generali. Therefore, for the past few years, shipping from Portugal to Italy has become a rather usual practice. Simplifying and speeding up the sending of parcels to our country is europacco, a forwarding agent specialized in domestic and international shipping services.

From young people to retirees: who are the Italians living in Portugal

People looking for a home in which to spend a long vacation on Portuguese soil have multiple options available. If the intention is to find a house to rent in a tourist area it is Cascais, Lisbon or the Algarve region that will provide a good range of alternatives. Portimão, the second-largest city in the Algarve, for example, offers a truly relaxed atmosphere, where beach bars and hospitable places find their place right in the historic center. The location provides easy access to other interesting destinations, from Faro to Lagos. While the cities with the greatest tourist appeal are attractive, both climatically and environmentally, rents tend to be undeniably higher. In any case, there is no shortage of inexpensive alternatives in Portugal, from Figueira to Foz, but also Nazaré. Italian retirees who land in Portugal, for their part, by moving in as residents, can take advantage of several tax deductions. In order to benefit, certain requirements must be met; specifically, the applicant will have to appear as a tax resident in Portugal at the time of applying for the preferential regime; at the same time, it is essential that he or she not be a resident in the country in any of the previous 5 years.

Trade relations between Italy and Portugal

In 2021, the number of Italian exports to Portugal was over 2 billion, while imports reached 1.3 billion euros. This is a clear growth compared to 2020, especially regarding imports. And in the first half of 2022 the positive trend continued. Italy, not surprisingly, has been confirmed in recent times in 5th place among suppliers, and 6th among recipients of Portuguese exports.

From Lisbon to Madeira: the cities with the highest number of Italians

Among the most popular cities for young Italians, likely it is Lisbon that holds the top spot. It turns out, in fact, to be one of the most welcoming locations on the globe and, according to the famous site Nomad List, it also attracts by virtue of the job opportunities on offer. Always Lisbon is considered one of the ideal cities for those with money to invest in the securities sector. A family-friendly destination that can offer security and high-level education. On the security level, of equal standing is Porto, a less expensive alternative (especially choosing to live in the Vila Nova de Gaia neighborhood) to Lisbon and equally recommended for those wishing to move with their families. An ancient resort full of charm is Braga, an up-and-coming city that has already achieved a good degree of popularity among Italians. While young people appreciate a particularly lively nightlife, adults are generally attracted to the historical elements. Braga itself is home to two of the country's oldest cathedrals. Also attracting is the location of the resort on Portuguese soil. Finding itself about 30 minutes from the sea, a quarter of an hour from the mountains, and about 40 minutes from the Spanish border, it serves as a perfect destination for singles and families alike. In recent times, Madeira, an island with Funchal as its best-known city, has also climbed the preference rankings. Compared to other Portuguese destinations, by the way, Madeira is not overrun with tourists, promoting itself as a favorite place to live in tranquility.

Transport of goods

Sending goods to Italy with europacco

Italian companies active in Portugal that choose to rely on europacco for shipments to Italy particularly appreciate the possibility of booking the shipment online, enjoying affordable rates. In addition, the shipment will always be monitorable thanks to the tracking service, available directly at The cost of this service, which can be accessed every day of the week (through the special tracking code sent by e-mail), 24 hours a day, is already included in the price of the shipment.

Sending a gift from Portugal: tips on packing

A grandparent who, near his grandchild's birthday, or the Christmas holidays, wants to ship a package from the Portuguese city where he resides, with destination an Italian location, simply needs to fill out the form on the europacco website. Europacco relies on experienced couriers who can guarantee fast and safe deliveries. But for what is contained in the package to arrive in perfect condition in Italy, it is recommended to place the gift inside a rather sturdy cardboard box, filling the empty spaces with rolled up newspaper pages, or bubble wrap elements. This and other packing materials will prevent the item from slipping or banging against the walls from the package. When closing, apply tape, making sure to apply the waybill received via e-mail from europacco.


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