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General Information

Shipments from Romania to Italy

Romania, a state on the Balkan Peninsula, is attracting more and more Italians thanks to the daily direct connections via air that bring Romanian and Italian territory closer together. In addition to people, primarily young people, who choose Bucharest, Brasov or Cluj for a vacation, others come to Romania to work, either as business owners or employees. Convincing them to move are above all the decidedly low cost of living, amazing landscapes and a history that shines through in most Romanian buildings. Students also note daily the good standard achieved by universities. Living in Romania may also entail the need to ship personal goods or other things to Italy. In this regard, europacco offers fast and inexpensive shipments by partnering with reliable, internationally renowned couriers.

The Italian community in Romania

The presence of Italians in Romania has been gradually increasing over the decades. According to the 2011 census, there were 3000 Italians living on Romanian territory. An important Italian community has resided, for example, for centuries in the country of Dracula, in the Tulcea area. And in the interwar period, a good number of teachers from Italy used to be stationed in Romania to teach the Italian language in schools. Other parts where there is a historical presence of Italians are the areas of Brasov, Iasi, Hateg, Vrancea, Arges and Targoviste, to which is added the industrial area of Timisoara. Of course, many choose to be stationed in or around Bucharest, the capital.

Young Italians residing in Romanian territory

If until recently it was Italian retirees who decided to leave our country to land in Romania, things seem to have changed. Young people today do not reside in the Balkan country only to take university courses (in medicine where they result the largest enrollment), but also to work. Helping integration is the fact that many Romanians know and speak, the Italian language. Since this is a country "in ferment" and during an economic revival, it is also possible to choose it for a short stay. Even in these cases, the need may arise to send a suitcase or package with clothing, personal items or gifts, to Italy. Relying on europacco, it is possible to book the service online from the main Romanian cities, choosing the pickup date from one of the forwarding agent's partner couriers when placing the order and getting an estimate of the delivery time.

Italian companies located in Romania

Several Italian companies have chosen to locate their headquarters in Romanian territory. For what reason? To "take advantage" of the low labor costs and the rather advantageous taxation system. Those who benefit most from relocation are mainly companies that make use of a large workforce. Also widespread are subsidiaries of companies active in the IT sector, companies investing in renewable energy (primarily photovoltaics), real estate businesses specializing in land, and high-end private clinics. Excellent prospects for modernization in the area of transportation and infrastructure network, and the high availability of mineral and agricultural resources, are bound to attract more Italian companies soon. It is also worth mentioning the investments that, in Romania, accrue to those who open a start-up. Companies can arrange daily shipments without any risk, and as quickly as possible, by relying on europacco.


Shipping foodstuffs from a Romanian city

While climate-wise Romania does not have the same appeal as Portugal and the Canary Islands, the three countries are equally united when it comes to the low cost of renting or buying real estate. In fact, house prices on Romanian territory are almost the lowest on the old continent. One solution adopted by many Italians is to find a job in a multinational company based in Romania and receive their salary in euros. Bucharest, for example, is considered one of the cheapest capitals in the world. Taxes, on average, amount to 50 percent of those charged in Italy, and the same can be said for foodstuffs. It is not uncommon for Italians living in Romania to decide to surprise their relatives in Italy by sending Romanian food specialties. In this case, for such foodstuffs to reach their destination in optimal conditions, it is a must to pack the goods properly. In this sense, you can use newspaper sheets and bubble wrap and then place each individually packed item in the appropriate carton of 3/6 wave for shipments. By choosing an appropriately sized box and filling the empty spaces with newspaper (or always using bubble wrap), the contents will be prevented from moving and thus damage during transit can be avoided.

What is possible to ship to Italy from Romania

Those who have moved from Italy to Romania may find themselves in the situation of having to ship to the city from which they left a parcel for family reasons (just think of objects and clothes that are no longer used), professional or business reasons (detachments located in Romania often carry out interchanges of goods, samples or semi-finished products with their own offices). There are also numerous entities that, having an e-commerce, continuously ship goods to Italy. As of January 1, 2007, Romania has been annexed to the European Union, which has resulted in Italy and the Balkan country benefiting from the free movement of goods. While it is possible to send accompanied only by the transport document, it is necessary to adhere to the limits enshrined in EU regulations. Generally, the exchange of goods that could be harmful to health, safety at work or the environment, starting with weapons and explosives, is prohibited. Others, such as alcohol, are subject to restrictions.


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Shipping from Romania to Italy
Shipping from Romania to Italy
Shipping from Romania to Italy


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