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General Information

How to ship from Sweden to Italy

There are several Italians who feel an attraction to Sweden, a state that is part of the Scandinavian countries and a member of the EU. What fascinates, of this parliamentary monarchy, are mainly its environmental policies and the rights granted to workers. Sweden has also become a role model when it comes to family and gender equality. According to data that have emerged in recent years, female employment has exceeded 70 percent, putting it well above the Italian percentage (about 46 percent). An excellent public service organization, free education and health care, and the population's high life expectancy have led many of our compatriots, young people first and foremost, to move to Sweden in search of employment. And while the cost of living turns out to be quite high, it is actually commensurate with the wages earned by workers. Those residing in Sweden may need to send clothing and other personal goods to Italy, or decide to have some gifts arrive for relatives or friends. Taking care of the shipping, ensuring fast, secure service at highly competitive prices will be europacco.

The Swedish economy and job opportunities for Italians

Sweden represents one of Europe's most economically developed states. Particularly important sectors include automotive, aerospace engineering, tourism (and catering), fishing, so-called "Information Technology," and woodworking. Italians who land in Sweden not for a vacation, but with the goal of staying there to live, can find employment as sales and restaurant workers, mechanics, craftsmen, engineers (both civil and technical), doctors, or choose other professions however related to the health sector (from pharmacists to nurses). The Swedish population also appears to be health-conscious, practicing regular exercise. The country hosts a really large number of centers dedicated to sports and physical activity in general. And this allows a not inconsiderable number of Italians to find employment in the fitness world.

Trade between Sweden and Italy

Although the Swedish territory is home to just over 10 million inhabitants, what characterizes it is its openness to the international market. It differs from other European realities thanks to its high level of innovation, its particular geographic location (it is located in a strategic Nordic-Baltic area) and a particularly efficient infrastructure network. While historically Finland, Germany and Norway have been the nations to engage in the largest trade exchanges with Sweden, Italy has also managed to gain a prominent position over time. Based on data provided by the Economic Observatory of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our country reached 10th place among suppliers during the first half of 2021, supplying mainly machinery and industrial equipment.

Italian companies in Sweden and shipping to Italy: why choose europacco

Not surprising in this sense is the rather large presence of SMEs, especially in the metallurgical and automotive sectors (also developed in the opposite direction, given the amount of imports to Italy) and in the field of providing IT services, consulting and research and development activities. In several cases, it becomes necessary for Italian companies active in the Scandinavian country to ship components to our peninsula for testing, upgrades or replacements. Turning to europacco, obtaining a cost estimate and an estimate of the transit time is a very simple operation. And once the goods are on their way, it will be the modern tracking system adopted by europacco that offers all the necessary information about the transit of the shipment. Each shipment, in fact, is traceable from the moment of pickup until delivery. All you need to do is enter the shipment number in the "Shipment Search" field to receive real-time news.


Sending a suitcase to Italy with europacco

When the time comes to send your suitcase from Sweden to Italy, simply book the shipment on by filling out the preset form, pay conveniently online, arrange the items inside the package itself and pack carefully. To minimize the risk that what is sent may be damaged in transit, it is important to choose a box of appropriate size, so neither too large nor too small. Any space left empty should be filled by resorting to appropriate filler material. Once you have verified that the items are securely placed, close the package by resorting to tape. It will remain only to print the label received by e-mail and attach it to the shipment while waiting for the courier to pick up the goods on the agreed day.

Shipping goods and objects from Swedish territory to the Italian peninsula

The Swedish cities where the largest number of Italians are detected (more than 15,000 have moved to the Scandinavian country) are also the largest: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Upsala and Kiruna. But what has pushed our compatriots to Sweden are not only job opportunities but also study reasons. Indeed, the Nordic state is home to some of the best universities in the world, enticing many European students to spend several months on its soil. A large proportion take advantage of the Erasmus university exchange program. And those who have left their affections in Italy would often like to send gifts to friends left waiting for them in Italy, or would like to have their Italian relatives sample some Swedish food products. Entrusting shipping to europacco will ensure that the shipment will be processed as soon as you pick up the package at home. But most importantly, what has already convinced people from all over the world to contact europacco are the rates charged. Dealing with a high volume of shipments allows the shipper to enjoy not inconsiderable discounts from the couriers it uses, thus having the opportunity to offer low prices to customers.


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