The Italian courier Bartolini, specialized in the transport of goods, was founded in 1928 in Bologna. In 2000 20% of the company’s shares were acquired by the Italian Post Office; five years later the contract was not renewed and the company, in 2011, changed the name from Bartolini to BRT. The company employs about 866 people and has an annual turnover of 1,025 million euro (2012); BRT is best known for the express transport service, offering delivery of parcels throughout the national territory through trucks. In Italy there are over 180 branches, while for international shipments the company has an extensive network of partners: hallmark of the company are the red trucks. In 2001, the company has transported about 80 million parcels and closed the year with an annual turnover of 927 million euro, approximately 22.4% of the market. Nine years later, the transport of packages has increased to 125 million packages per year.

Parcel transport with Bartolini

BRT offers a wide range of services: transportation of letters, parcels and pallets, both by private and companies, without weight limitations. The company has many branches in the whole country and therefore ensure the withdrawal of goods within one business day: several branches of BRT are present in larger cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin. The company offers not only the home collection and delivery directly to the recipient in Italy, but also deliveries abroad, relying on different partners.

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