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With you can not only organize a shipment easily, but you can also ship packages at economic prices. We organize low cost shipments to Australia. You can find the price for a shipment to Australia in the following table. You can organize a low cost package shipment entering

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

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Shipping to Australia with europacco

Why choose europacco for shipping to Australia? offers a customized service, if you want to send a Parcel to Australia. We offer an economical solution for every kind of consignment. Our service includes home or business address collection by an express courier and delivery in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Send your parcels to Australia: a safe, cheap and fast service brings your Parcel safely and quickly to its destination to Australia. Shipping is easy: fill out the online form, print the label and attach it to your shipment - it is now ready for collection. All this is possible without registration and thus makes fast and simple the package delivery.

Prices for shipping parcels to Australia

Parcel Price
0 - 2 kg from 84,59
2 - 5 kg from 154,56
5 - 10 kg from 231,55
10 - 20 kg from 364,31
20 - 30 kg from 462,32
30 - 40 kg from 688,66
40 - 50 kg from 906,51

Prices for shipping documents to Australia

Document Price
0 - 0.5 kg from 35,66
0.5 - 1 kg from 40,79
1 - 1.5 kg from 53,50
1.5 - 2 kg from 82,32

Shipping Time to Australia

How can I track my Parcel?

With our tracking option you can monitor your Parcel from the collection in Italy to the delivery to Australia. Enter the shipping number on our tracking page.

How much does it cost to send a Parcel to Australia?

Years of experience in the shipping sector and a high daily volume of consignments allow us to offer highly affordable prices. With you can send a Parcel starting from only €84,59 to Australia. For more detailed information please consult our price list.

How long does it take to send a Parcel to Australia?

The transit times from Italy to Australia vary from 4 to 8 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

Shipping Delays due to Holidays in Australia

As in many countries, holidays in Australia can lead to delays in parcel shipping. Below is a list of the holidays in 2024 in Australia that might affect delivery times.

  • 01.01.2024 New Year's Day
  • 26.01.2024 Australia Day
  • 13.03.2024 Canberra Day
  • 29.03.2024 Good Friday
  • 01.04.2024 Easter Monday
  • 25.04.2024 ANZAC Day
  • 25.12.2024 Christmas Day
  • 26.12.2024 Boxing Day

Specific Regulations

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra: these are the best known cities in Australia. Maybe you are not aware of it, but in the oceanic country there are about 2 million of our fellow citizens. A very high figure, destined to surprise even more considering that, in the entire Australian territory, a total of 17 million people live. This explains, at least in part, why shipments from Italy to Australia by individuals and companies are quite frequent. Europacco is ready to send your packages and documents all over the world, including Australia, at an affordable price and with maximum security.

Documents required for sending goods to Australia

As it is a non-EU country, a parcel destined to Australia must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice or proforma
  • Free Export Declaration

Customs duties and taxes are normally levied on items and goods arriving from overseas with a value of more than 1000 Australian dollars. There are, however, some exceptions. There are some goods that can only be shipped with a license, and even if they have a value of less than 1000 Australian dollars, they may be subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax). Moreover, customs authorities are required to send the recipient the "Customs and border protection", an import declaration to be filled in every part. And once the duties are actually paid, the goods will be free to be delivered to the customer.

The defense of the Australian ecosystem and the importation of goods

Of all the states in the world, Australia is one of the most admired for its attention to biodiversity, on a par with Madagascar and New Zealand. The high number of native plants and animal species has led the southern hemisphere state to adopt special measures. The government limits imports in order to protect the ecosystem, avoiding the introduction of alien species. And this special regulation ends up reflecting on customs and taxation.

Biodiversity and shipping

Since this is a transoceanic shipment, any Italian company intending to send goods or products to Australia would do better to consult the section of the IATA "Dangerous Goods Regulations" before proceeding. Equally useful, given the presence of special rules related to biodiversity, is the website of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. By connecting to it, it will be possible to read what is reported in the section dedicated to the limits set on the importation of organic goods. The department has also introduced, and made available to interested users, BICON, an online tool that allows you to check whether a package will risk being stopped at customs or not.

Determining Factors in the Admission of Goods to Australia

Normally, the evaluation of what is possible to ship to the oceanic country is related to several different elements, including: type of item to be shipped, country of origin, value of the goods, use of the product (the "end use"), etc.. Should customs agents find "prohibited" items within the shipment, they are free to take one of the following measures:

  • if possible, sanitize the items
  • Return the shipment to the shipper
  • Seizure and destruction of the items

In all cases listed, the costs will be borne entirely by the customer.

What is prohibited to ship

Australia, like many other non-EU destinations, prohibits the importation of meat and fish products with the exception of canned meat or fish. Apart from canned goods, individuals and companies are therefore not given the opportunity to send such foods, whether fresh, frozen, cooked or smoked. Keep in mind that the ban also extends to foods and preparations that have meat or fish inside and to animal feed.
Also, in order to prevent the spread of external pathogens, customs prohibits the importation of fresh fruits and vegetables, or those with seeds or peel, and any other type of food that does not have a long shelf life.
Likewise, the importation of asbestos, firearms (and their ammunition), antiques, dangerous items, ivory, pornographic material, precious metals and stones is not allowed.

How to send gifts to Australia

Until a few years ago, in Australia, goods sent as gifts were allowed regardless of their value or type of items. Today, however, it is no longer so. In fact, this concession has been repealed and any product given as a gift, donated, but also lent, or a supply that is not followed by the payment of a fee, is subject to careful evaluation by Customs. If the value exceeds 1000 Australian dollars, or if the gift involves a prohibited item or one that cannot be sent as a gift, you will be required to pay tax and duty. For individuals, it is more complicated, as it is not always easy to provide proof of the value of the goods sent. This leads customs to make their own assessment using specific methods that cannot be disclosed.

Shipment of medicines

Australia allows the shipment of medicines even without the approval of the TGA "Therapeutic Goods Administration" thanks to the "Personal Importation Scheme". This document, together with the local or Italian medical prescription in the name of the consignee of the shipment, allows the Australian citizen or resident to send medicines from abroad for therapeutic purposes. The sender can be the family, a friend or any other private person or a company. However, what is received must be used directly by the recipient. From what has just been written, it is clear that it is forbidden to sell or transfer to others. Do not forget that the packaging of medicines must be intact and perfectly sealed.

Sending goods to Australia

The shipment of goods within the Australian borders involves the preparation of customs documents and various licenses that change according to the route, the type of goods, as well as the mode of shipment. It is possible to make a general list of the documents most frequently required by Australian Customs, including:

  • Waybill or shipping label (with its barcode, essential for tracking)
  • Commercial invoice or proforma
  • Material Safety Data Sheet, if required
  • Packing list, etc.

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Customs regulations in Australia

For private consignments you have to fill out two documents: the export customs clearance form and an invoice or pro-forma invoice. will send these forms to you by e-mail.
For commercial shipments please contact the customer service at [email protected].

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Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia
Send parcel to Australia

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